Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Thoughts......

          A recent visitor.....pheasant.

This is a 'funny' time of year.....'funny' as in it feels we are on the cusp of something.

The days are getting longer and the signs are telling us that something new is about to happen. But WHEN?

Having had four months of winter's blissfulness already, early March is always the month that we 'Maritimers' get a little fidgety. We want either spring to get here NOW, or winter to stay as winter. Just don't 'play' with us.

                                          This is Ron getting 'fidgety'!

Some years, but not that often, March will be like the 'spring' people get a little further south of in southern Mass. maybe.

I remember back to the 2nd. of March in 1962, when I was very, very young. My sister, Marilyn, was getting married at 9 o'clock in the morning. It had been pretty nice weather-wise, but it began to snow. It was a 'white' wedding alright!

I guess the only thing to do is to 'take whatever comes our way' there a choice? 

                 I know Spring is out there somewhere!


  1. I love that pheasant! Stunning pics,tell Ron he's kinda cute when he is being "fidgety!"

  2. Whose permission did you ask for use of my copy write photo...huh!?

  3. Spring has been visiting us for a few days, but I guess it will be packing it's bags and leaving us for a while.


  4. I think a lot of us feel the same way. The other day I saw a picture from a friend in Georgia. The daffodils are already blooming there, where here they are just starting to poke their heads out of the ground.

    Spring is a little slow in my corner of the world because of the influence of Lake Ontario. The wind blowing over the cold surface of the lake keeps the temperature colder than just a few miles South of here. I get pretty dare antsy by the time it finally arrives.

    Seeing the rolling waves in a couple of your pictures makes me water hungry. Hmmm, I wonder if I can get down the hill to the Lake today. Good day to try.

  5. Your photos are more and more beautiful. If I had that first picture, I would frame it. The light, the colors, just wonderful.--Inger

  6. You told me you were 29! What gives?
    I'm just glad that February is over.

  7. rons gone all a bit camp there!

  8. First day of spring> Just a little over two weeks away. I'm ready

  9. Bloody hell Jim, those pictures of the coastline are absolutely the dogs danglies. And tell Ron that he makes me laugh when he is fidgety!

  10. We're on our way to Tennessee next week and the spring flowers are already blooming there--I'm seeing some signs of spring everywhere else, but still nothing here...yet...Lets both NOT give up! :-)

  11. I always love your photos, but those coast photos are lip-smacking good.
    We've had a warm week, but March is our snowiest month.

  12. I know what you mean about fidgety. Just can't wait for spring to come and hiking season!!! Thanks for your comments on the Vancouver pics.

  13. Come on Spring - you've sprung over here !

  14. Your pheasant beats our visitor. A hawk that murdered a bird, right there in front of Pugsley. He'll be tramatized for a long time. Or at least until dinner.
    It is a funny time of year. Today, freezing rain, tomarrow snow, Monday sun and Tuesday rain and warm. We love it all... what choice do we have?


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