Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Morsel, Kind Sir?

Not being one to animate critters, an opportunity afforded itself this afternoon to do just that. But I will restrain myself.

We were at Chapters/Indigo, a bookstore chain in Canada, and before I went in I took Sophie for a little 'pee' walk. On our return to the car I noticed this crow sitting on the fence in front of the car.

I put Sophie in and noticed that this bird was not about to fly away. I figured since it was around lunch time, it probably was hoping for a morsel of food from somebody.....anybody!

My camera was in the car. I grabbed it, set it on automatic and stepped outside, hoping he would stay around for one or two shots.

He did. I was about 10 feet from him (don't know why I think it is a male crow). He kept his eye on me the whole time.

He would shift from side to side as if posing for me and hoping to give his 'best' side profile!

I have always admired crows and their intelligence. They have a very strong sense of family and take very good care of their off-spring.

This guy was so wishing I would throw him something to eat. I didn't have anything to pay him for this 'sitting' he so patiently gave me.

When I attempted to move a little closer he shifted a little, ever weary of how close I was getting.

And with a gentle twist to his right, he was off.

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