Saturday, March 19, 2011

Retro Saturday

The Blue Plate

On the way home yesterday from a hike in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax we stopped by a 'thrift' shop, sort of in the neighbourhood.

I went immediately to the dish/glass section and spotted this blue glass, dessert serving-plate. It was in pretty good condition with a small amount of wear along the gold gild trim.

I checked the price.....$5.00.....showed it to Ron and we both thought that it was a 'keeper'.

Now to try and figure out its age. At first I thought that it was at least from the sixties. But now I am thinking it could be earlier, maybe the forties.

I can't base this on anything other than from the 'wear' along the edge which tells me that it was used quite a bit........the paint/colouring used on these plates could withstand a lot of wear and tear.

I often wonder where the items, I buy at these places, come from, and who owned them. What were the circumstances that got them to this 'thrift' shop?

Obviously most, if not all, of the items come from estates in which families just want to get rid of everything and donate them, say, to the Salvation Army or another charity.  Also a lot of the items are 'dropped off' by individuals who are 'clearing out' their, so to speak!

In any case, I enjoy speculating about and appreciating the history behind these things. I am also a sucker for colour! And I feel this plate 'fits the bill'.

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