Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Of Those Moments

Ron and I have been going to my father's house for over a month now in the mornings, I knew that this would afford me the opportunity to learn more about this man, Dad that is.

It was 'my' morning yesterday. As usual Dad had on the television, but not on a viewing channel. Every weekday morning at 10 A.M. he sets it to channel 10 which is a radio broadcast of 'old favourites' with a different theme each day, geared to a senior audience. 

Yesterday's theme was a little bit of everything it seemed.......from country to light rock'n'roll.

I had finished 'cleaning up' and put on the kettle to make some tea for myself. Dad was in the livingroom, in his chair, reading the paper and listening to the music. Occasionally he will comment on a song, if he liked it or not.

Vera Lynn was singing an old 'war' tune and he told me about the time he went to one of her concerts for the troops in London during the war.

He also mentioned that he had seen Bing Crosby in London walking down a street. Dad said that he looked different because he didn't have on his wig! He was as bald as a billiard ball I guess!

My tea in hand I headed to the sofa and sat down. Dad was still reading the newspaper and I was listening to the radio announcer introduce the next song. It was  Anne Murray's"If I Had This Dance'.

Well, I knew this was Dad and Mom's 'song'. Whenever they were out to a function and this came on, Mom would drag Dad up to dance. He never danced but always did when he heard this song  because he knew she liked it.

I didn't say a thing but remembered all the times I saw them dancing to this over the years. It was always a very special time for them and we, the family, knew this. We would silently watch and smile.

Yesterday morning was the same. It was very quiet as Anne sang. (I can call her by her first name because she is a fellow Nova Scotian.) When she finished I said that it was Mom's favourite song. There was no reply. As I looked over Dad was wiping a tear from his eye.

                      Photos taken yesterday at beach.

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