Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday's Selection

I have featured Erik Satie before and I am returning to him once again. I find a very relaxing quality in most of his work.......would have loved to have seen him in concert.

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. A pleasant Sunday to you as well!

  2. Oh I LOVE this choice! Nice one Jim.

  3. Nice!! I thought for sure this would get rid of my headache today. Maybe if I listen and watch a few more times. Thanks for sharing, Jim.

  4. Beautiful! To me, this piece changes with the mood you're in. Sometimes it seems sweet, sometimes it seems sad.

    Jim, thank you for your kind comments on Clifford. We truly were lucky to have him.

  5. Yes, so very peaceful and meditative. I love Satie too.

  6. on this grey day, this would put me to sleep, but in a sunny garden,with a glass of lemonade (...) and the open french doors letting the sound of this being played live, i'd be fine with that.

    ok, can we switch the lemonade for a more adult drink???? P-leaz-z-z-ze!!!

    beautiful music!!

  7. Even though it's Monday it's still a lovely way to start the day!


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