Saturday, March 5, 2011

Retro Saturday

Came across this magazine at my Dad's. I was cleaning and sorting through a closet of my mother's when I found a box full of knitting patterns, craft materials and a few magazines.

I can actually remember my Mom getting these and spending whatever 'free' time she could get and looking through them. I can't recall if she had a subscription to this particular one or if she bought them locally.

Anyway, I took a glance through this one and was reminded of a fellow blogger, Barbara of' If I Had A Sense Of Humor', who posts old advertisements and embellishes them with her wit and smart writing skills. Check her out here. She'd have a 'field day' with this one!

As you can see already in a couple of the photos, there were the advertisements for everything from soaps to 'gay' kitchen colours for your plastic wrap dispenser. And even mini-romance novellas!

Then I came across the obligatory Horoscope.......check your's out for 1959!

This recipe looked good enough to try out.

For all you crafty people out there, I bet you never thought of this!

And a precursor to 'on-line dating' tips......

Imagine the impact of this and all the extra time it created to do all the other things!

I find these magazines full of 'history'.....everything you ever wanted to know, and more, about a culture in a given period of time.

They certainly shed a little light on how we got to where we are today. Now for one more mini-romance/drama:


  1. I agree -I just love these magazines ! the hair ,the make up , the fashions even the products on sale -you get a real sense of the past and how are parents generation lived their lives.

  2. I love these old magazines! Sometimes I'll buy one or two at a flea market just to 'go back in time' for a while. The Auto Dry ad had me a bit confused there... I was thinking that (and I think this would be a great invention) after washing the clothes, the appliance switches and turns into a dryer that dries the clothes (without taking them out and putting them in another appliance). I know. How lazy am I getting, right? LOL.

  3. Wow, this takes me back! my mother and grandmother took "Womans Weekly" every week. In fact I still have a folder of patterns and recipes, which I have used, from time to time.
    The Knight's Castile soap ad made me smile. My late father used it as shaving soap. Thanks for the memories! Hope you and yours are well.
    Linda x

  4. I love looking through old magazines. It is always so fun to see images of yesteryear : ) I have some old Life magazines I love to flip through from time to time.

  5. Jim,
    This was very interesting to say the was actually printed 3 days after I was born: Nov. 18, 1959 so it was a great look into what the world encompassed when I entered the world...
    thanks so much~~how fun!

  6. What a great time down memory lane! You going to knit that little ducky for Easter time? I'll bed Sophie would love it! (as long as it lasted) I actually remember reading those little stories in the magazines, I don't know if they do that at all anymore. It's amazing how so many of the things we just take for granted were "New" way back when!

    Great post, Jim! Loved it!

  7. Jim, What a treasure you found. I love old magazines and ads. Reminds me of watching Mad Men on AMC. I bet you enjoyed your time reading back. Take care, Mal

  8. JIM. . .I am amazed by the variety in your Blog! Today's "ancient history" - - stems from 30 years before I was born. Hahaaa i wasn't even a glimmer in my parents' eye. . hehe

    Did girls back then actually wear 'wash dresses' made from the skirt of mom's housecoat? And. . what's a housecoat. . . .? a bathrobe? Mom's bathrobe certainly couldn't
    become a 'wash dress'. ;-)

    I'd be interested to know which are the GAY colors for the kitchen. . nyuk..nyuk..

    Your blog style makes me think. . . .about mine. . hmmmm. . .


  9. Old magazines like this are a hoot! I think Woman's Weekly is still publishing, isn't it? I seem to recall seeing it at the grocery store check-out with all the other mags.

  10. All of those lovely women's magazines, full of sage (for the time) advice and practical tips. And, the wonderful stories! I remember them well. Mom would get them first and read them cover to cover. Then I would get them. I wasn't much interested in the housekeeping stuff, but I did love to look at the pictures, and read the stories. Good memories! Thanks for bringing them back to my mind.

  11. How entertaining! I just know I'd be so stylin in a dress made out of mother's housecoat when I was seven years old, as I would have been in 1959! Makes me wonder what the world will think of our modern world of 2011 in another fifty years!


  12. How retro is that? It was ace looking through all the recipes and fashions. I mean, who would make their kids clothes from housecoats these days? Simply superb!

    If you make that meringue / apple thing, can you send me a slice please?

  13. jim
    watch this re womans weekly!

  14. I should have read that horoscope earlier. That is, before I had a petty disagreement. I love those old magazines.
    Your Friend, m.

  15. Great post. I love those old magazines. And thanks for the tip about Barbara's blog.

  16. What on earth are you going to do with them all ? I know some Bloggers who'd like to get their hot crafty hands on them ! The horoscope was a giggle ( I'm Aquarius )

  17. Great vintage illustrations! Thanks for sharing.

  18. "she wasn't the first-she hoped to be the last"

    she'd be the last only if he'd suddenly drop dead of a heart attack....

    1959, you said?
    not much has changed, actually...

  19. As a child I would spend hours reading through old Readers' Digests from before I was born. I love the old ads especially/


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