Saturday, March 12, 2011

Retro Saturday

It has been a while since I've gone 'thrifting'. But on Tuesday past I was in the neighbourhood of one such shop and went in to check things out.

I found four items that I thought I just couldn't live without....I know, a sure sign! But admitting it is the first step! lol

The first one is this very 60's juice glass. I like the colours and the geometric designs. It was so filthy I thought at first it had been 'dishwashered'-to-death because it was cloudy looking. After some soap and water.......

This second glass, below, is larger than the first.......tumbler size, I'd say. I am pretty sure it is 50's and of the 'banded' variety. I just haven't seen one in these colours before.

Staying with glass, take a look at these. Of course, the blue caught my eye immediately. These too were pretty grubby but in very good shape with the exception of one of the 'glasses' was very cracked and no good at all. The other four were perfect. 

This looks like a decanter set and I'll say for sherry. It probably came with a 'stopper' on top but that was missing in action.

It was made in Italy and was 'hand painted' which is obvious when one looks at it.......very fine brush strokes.

Just a note.......I have been experimenting with my camera. I am using 'manual' mode so I can 'get back into'using this. A few years back my old Nikon was totally manual and that's all I used. I want to have more control over the end product and the only way to do so is to use a manual mode.

I came pretty close to putting it in 'auto' mode because I couldn't get a clear picture of this next object.

This cute little character/yellow tomato/apple was made in Japan and it's intended purpose may have been to hold toothpicks or the like. I liked the colours.

It was good to get back in 'thrifting' this week. Maybe I'll do it once a month from now on.....
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