Thursday, March 17, 2011

And The Award Goes To.........

               Where's the sand?

Part of blogging can involve the receiving and acknowledging of awards. I do not ordinarily post about these but today I will, considering the source.

                 Here's some!

I received a 'Versatile Award' from Inger over at Desert Canyon Living. If you haven't visited Inger's blog, may I recommend it to you. One never knows what she will post. It is varied and very interesting. Plus, she has three dogs all of whom are a big part of her life.

Now the 'guys' will play with me here.

Inger has had a lot of experiences in her life and she shares them freely on a daily basis. They are well-thought-out posts and a pleasure to read.

But first I HAVE to bury this ball under Ron! Don't have a clue WHY!

Part of accepting this award is that I am asked to share seven things about myself that you would never have known (or believed!). Here goes:

1. I took piano lessons for seven years and you would never know it!
2. I cycled through the Rocky Mountains in the '80's, and lived to tell the tale.
3. Like Inger, I 'assisted' in demonstrating and 'occupying' the president's office of the university in which I attended in the late 60's. I knew we had something in common!
4. I was 'kidnapped'/abducted along with my brother when I was 16 for about 3 hours.
5. I have always felt very fortunate, even before #4!
6. I absolutely love living in Nova Scotia!
7. Meeting my husband, Ron, was the 'turning point' of my life.

There! Exposed! Where's the privacy! lol

Now to wash it off.

Blogging tradition states that I am now to award this to five other bloggers. Since I am a 'child of the 60's', I feel I can change that tradition. I really feel that I couldn't pick only five........anyone that follows me, I feel, deserves an award! That would mean ALL OF YOU!

That should do it! Now let's do all that again!

OK. That's the 'content' of this to find some photos to fill in the gaps and not necessarily be related to this post whatsoever..........could it be the 60's that cause this somewhat 'laissez-faire' attitude?


  1. I love your blog (and Sophie's) and would give anything to visit Nova Scotia and meet you at Jane's!

    So you don't feel so exposed, here are 7 things about me:

    1. I was a complete and total accident. Ask my mom, who'd had her tubes tied seven years before.
    2. I don't like crowds.
    3. I love food festivals.
    4. I'm lazy.
    5. I love to shop at thrift stores.
    6. I could lose 30lbs.
    7. My grandfather was Canadian.


  2. Interesting 5 things Jim! I also enjoy Inger's blog and yours too--While the view may be different on both your blogs, I love reading what you both are up too!

    I hope you've had a good day!!

  3. Interesting ! Jim-if you could be an animal-what would you be and why ?

    I can see why you love living where you do -its amazing ! x

  4. I must check out Inger's blog--she sounds like a kindred 60's spirit. I've already done the 7 Things thing about 3 or 4 times and I KNOW there's nothing about me that I haven't shared with my bloggy pals. Even some stuff that my Dad never knew about and wishes he didn't, he he he. I particularly like #7 on your list, because I feel the same way about MY husband!

  5. You can't write a post saying that you were kidnapped without giving the details! That is just rude!

    P.S. that last picture of the sea is bloody amazing. Crystal clear.

  6. OK Annie! I'll do a post about that sometime.....soon, I promise!

  7. I agree with Annie and I'll be looking forward to that post Jim. I love Inger and I'm already hooked on her blog!! Great pictures.

  8. An Eagle huh ? I kinda had a hunch thats what you would pick - John always played this game with us ! that matches your personality and love of nature- it suits you !

  9. Interesting stuff, Jim, why don't you play the piano? Yes, I would like to hear about the kidnapping too! I love your beach pictures, that last one, is awesome!

  10. Thank you for this acknowledgement and your kind words. I feel very honored and happy. I was actually demonstrating against apartheid outside South Africa House on Trafalgar Square when this guy mowed me down. And I agree, you must tell us the kidnappig/abduction story soon. I'm so glad you came out of it alive. And yes, we are kindred spirits. --Inger

  11. The pictures are absolutely amazing Jim.
    Tell me more about the kidnapping. OH MY GOSH! How horrific. I am glad you were safe. Reading that makes me want to rush out and find my Kaish this instant. He plays with the neighborhood kids and it always makes me nervous!

  12. Alright already! Coming to a post near you......I will tell the true tale of two brothers on an evening in May 1966. Stay tuned. I don't do well under pressure! lol

  13. All very interesting things about you, Jim! I was a child of the 60's, too, but my life has always been very so-so, nothing much out of the ordinary and I never did anything more exciting than "bushwhack" the couples necking in their cars up on the hill. That being said, I also enjoy Inger's blog (she lives not far from where I was born!) Love your blog, too!


  14. I love reading award posts because it's fun learning more about the people behind my favorite blogs. I don't like awards because they ask you to select x blogs to pass it on to. That's too awkward - I enjoy them all. You handled that well, Jim.

    Your #4 sounds like the stuff of nightmares.

  15. It sure is beautiful where you live. So you were once a hippie. How about these days?

  16. No Fair! Nobody ever tried to kidnap me. And I was a really cute kid too.
    Congrats on the award. I received it from Jason of The Jason Show last year and it was a great feeling to have my Blog liked.
    I can't wait to hear more now.
    Your Friend, m.

  17. Finally I am able to catch up with what has been going on with you!
    You are a very good son to your Dad.
    Hot cross buns sound delicious!
    Loved the blue decanter set. There really is something about blue glass that is just stunning.
    I agree with you about the survivors of Japan will be forever changed.
    The willow strips you used for decoration really stand out and look beautiful.
    Oh, I got ahead of myself there.
    The pic of Ron standing in the doorway is really great.
    As is the one with you drinking coffee.
    Jane's sounds like a wonderful place to eat. Yum!
    Hugs. xoxo
    And I am also curious about the abducting you mentioned.

  18. Thank you for sharing these facts about yourself. Your photos always make me want to plan a trip to Nova Scotia!


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