Thursday, March 17, 2011

And The Award Goes To.........

               Where's the sand?

Part of blogging can involve the receiving and acknowledging of awards. I do not ordinarily post about these but today I will, considering the source.

                 Here's some!

I received a 'Versatile Award' from Inger over at Desert Canyon Living. If you haven't visited Inger's blog, may I recommend it to you. One never knows what she will post. It is varied and very interesting. Plus, she has three dogs all of whom are a big part of her life.

Now the 'guys' will play with me here.

Inger has had a lot of experiences in her life and she shares them freely on a daily basis. They are well-thought-out posts and a pleasure to read.

But first I HAVE to bury this ball under Ron! Don't have a clue WHY!

Part of accepting this award is that I am asked to share seven things about myself that you would never have known (or believed!). Here goes:

1. I took piano lessons for seven years and you would never know it!
2. I cycled through the Rocky Mountains in the '80's, and lived to tell the tale.
3. Like Inger, I 'assisted' in demonstrating and 'occupying' the president's office of the university in which I attended in the late 60's. I knew we had something in common!
4. I was 'kidnapped'/abducted along with my brother when I was 16 for about 3 hours.
5. I have always felt very fortunate, even before #4!
6. I absolutely love living in Nova Scotia!
7. Meeting my husband, Ron, was the 'turning point' of my life.

There! Exposed! Where's the privacy! lol

Now to wash it off.

Blogging tradition states that I am now to award this to five other bloggers. Since I am a 'child of the 60's', I feel I can change that tradition. I really feel that I couldn't pick only five........anyone that follows me, I feel, deserves an award! That would mean ALL OF YOU!

That should do it! Now let's do all that again!

OK. That's the 'content' of this to find some photos to fill in the gaps and not necessarily be related to this post whatsoever..........could it be the 60's that cause this somewhat 'laissez-faire' attitude?

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