Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking My Chances

Ever since my Mom died almost four years ago, my Dad has been 'looking' for the PERFECT tea biscuit.

Yesterday while at his house, he asked if I could go to this 'new' bakery in Dartmouth to get him some of their's. I got there and they were closed on Mondays!

So this morning I thought I would try to make him some.....from Mom's recipe!!!!

I've tried before but to no avail........hard as rocks and heavy. Mom's were 'light and fluffy'!

I remember her telling me years ago as I used to sit and watch her bake, and sometimes help her too, that it is important NOT to 'handle' the dough too much......only enough to pull all the ingredients together. She was a great 'baker'.

                Ready for the oven.
I felt lucky today. Let's see how they come out.

And through the magic of blogging, here they are!!!!

Now let's try one........M-M-M!? They smell good! But a little heavy, and they didn't raise. Taste-wise? Not 'light and fluffy' like Mom's!

Let's go back and see what I used.......

I think it was the oil I used. It asks for vegetable oil and I used grape seed oil which is a vegetable oil but probably not a light enough one.

Also, I was maybe too careful in handling them....didn't mix in enough flour. They were pretty sticky when I was cutting them out.

So the little 'nuggets' won't be going to Dad's today. They are edible but nothing like Mom's! So back to the 'drawing board' for me! I'll get it one of these days! LOL!

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