Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Thought.....just thinkin'

Just after a walk in PPP today (Point Pleasant Park in Halifax), I noticed this huge 18-wheeler in the parking lot.

Got me to thinkin' about charities. This week on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), there were a number of segments on both radio and TV about charities and how much of the 'raised' monies really benefit that charity. 

It was interesting to learn for example that one such charity, Crime Stoppers, has hired a fund-raising company to do all it's advertising and collection of money. In the end Crime Stoppers get 30% of the total and the company gets the rest...70%.

This was surprising to me and only one example. I have always been, and more so now, careful about to which charity I will donate. I know there are legit ones but how do we tell the difference? 

How about you? Do you think a lot are scams? And very little money goes to the charity? 


  1. I think the law should require charities to reveal in their advertising what percentage of donations goes to professional fundraisers. Then let donors decide where their money has the most impact.

  2. i also have no idea how to differenciate between legit charities and scams... there must be some way to look that up online, tho. i have not been in a position to give monetarily since i was injured on my job and havent worked since last november... however if i could i would have to investigate the charity first to be sure.

    i try to give back to society in other ways. money isnt always the best or only way. have a great day!!!

  3. I'm always leary of those people standing in the middle of the road with a coffee can or milk jug.... You through on a reflective vest and put out a cone and people throw money at you. I know the police watch those things but who's to say that it all ends up going to the charity?
    I'll send my donation in .... Thank you.

  4. dont get me started ( and I am saying this all butch)!!!
    big buisness charity leaves me all a bit cold.....especially the "chuggers" who stop people in the street to "sign up" their bank accounts for direct debits to charity!! The first 165 £ goes on administration!!!!

  5. unfortunately, I do think that is the case more often than not. I keep giving to charities that really touch my heart but I don't know how to find out those statistics. I should check around more.
    Beautiful day when you took those pics.

  6. There are good charities out there, but you have to be careful. I like the in-the-trenches, hands-on charities like Shiloh Horse Rescue. SHR goes to feedlots and rescues slaughter-bound horses, among other things. They have designated categories where 100% of the money goes to what you donate to, be it rescuing, feeding, sponsoring a specific horse, etc. Even after you find a good animal rescue, you have to keep an eye on them. The need is so great, it's easy for them to slip over to adopting more animals than they can care for, and then they become hoarders.
    Charity is not easy. I think they all start out with good intentions, but many lose their way.

  7. I try to research the companies we donate to. You really have to read between the lines. Many do what you describe.
    Sadly, the same goes with churches here. I have to be really careful and specify what my donation should support..

  8. I want to help, but I don't trust the charities who use companies to raise money for them, mainly because they don't get much of the donation. Why line the pockets of some fund-raising corp with my hard-earned money? I give when our local firemen work traffic intersections in the hot sun with empty boots collecting money for MDA (muscular distrophy association). I give directly to our church- run mission which serves the poor and homeless by providing meals, food, clothing, and someone to pray with them. There are a lot of ways to "give" and know that you are helping make a difference in someone's life. Sometimes, just your to a sick child in the hospital, volunteer to drive elderly to the doctor, etc. Your heart is in the right place, Jim.


  9. You know, for a while I got into all of that. How much of my actual dollar was getting to the charity. And then one day, I found myself researching and stressing over it and I said (in my head) this is ridiculous. I am going to just give. And pray that God will use my donation to help someone in need. So now I don't care anymore how much of the actual dollar goes to charity. I just know I am doing my part with a kind heart.
    I might be stupid, but I feel better giving now : ) It is not a research project for me any longer.

  10. I forgot to mention my favority charity..but it isn't really a charity. They have to work to earn your money and then pay it's at and is very heart warming to read the stories...

  11. Each year, the armed services holds a combined federal campaign fund. Yes, I think some charities are over the top on the amounts it uses to help corporate salaries, advertising, and operating expenses. So, I was always careful to pick a charity whose, out of pocket was not exorbitant. Or a local charity so; I could follow up with volunteer work.

    Greetings, I would like to pass on a blog award to you. Have a great day! Mal

  12. This is one subject that gets me going. YES, I believe most charities are scams! From the big ones down to the little ones. A charity is suppose to help those they are raising money for, and all that really happens is the people operating/running it line their friggin pockets. And when confronted with it, they have all the answers! Really pisses me off. I rarely donate money to charities ( yes there are one or two that I believe in).
    I always recheck the organizations status ( via internet) and see where there ratings are.
    Okay, enough ranting for now.

  13. Totally - I heard that very little donated to UNICEF gets through ! ( don't quote me on that ! )
    Now I'm volunteering one afternoon a week in a charity shop, I have to ask ... after the overheads & management payment how much profit is there ?


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