Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Thought.....just thinkin'

Just after a walk in PPP today (Point Pleasant Park in Halifax), I noticed this huge 18-wheeler in the parking lot.

Got me to thinkin' about charities. This week on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), there were a number of segments on both radio and TV about charities and how much of the 'raised' monies really benefit that charity. 

It was interesting to learn for example that one such charity, Crime Stoppers, has hired a fund-raising company to do all it's advertising and collection of money. In the end Crime Stoppers get 30% of the total and the company gets the rest...70%.

This was surprising to me and only one example. I have always been, and more so now, careful about to which charity I will donate. I know there are legit ones but how do we tell the difference? 

How about you? Do you think a lot are scams? And very little money goes to the charity? 

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