Saturday, September 25, 2010

Retro Saturday

Something to entertain you all while you scroll through the 'items' I got recently at the 'Sally Ann'. A little bit of 'retro' music (boy I am old!!) from the '70's. Loved the Bee Gees.....great dance music.

Make sure you click on the music first!....

On the way home the other day from Halifax, I ducked into the 'Sally Ann' just in case.

Sure enough I found this little trio that seemed to match!

The 'crock' on the left has no identification marks and is quite heavy. I'm using it in the kitchen for wooden utensils.

The 'cut flower' vase on the right is made by Stanford Pottery, Sebring, Ohio. I looked it up and the company stopped production in the '70's. This piece I believe is from the 1950's or '60's.

The little one in the middle is a cute little 'shaker' made in Japan. Another one to find a mate for.

The week before I saw this glass all by itself and it was pretty dirty. It looks like a retro 'banded' glass (of which I have a few) but it may not be. I haven't seen any where the bands do not go all the way around the glass. Have you.?Anyway, for 39 cents, who cares!

Enjoying the music?

Thanks for dropping by. Now get out there and see what is waiting for you at your local 'thrift' shop.

Have a great weekend!

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