Friday, September 3, 2010

Retro Saturday

Hi bloogers! Due to the unpredictability of  Hurricane Earl which is to hit somewhere in Nova Scotia tonight, I will be posting Retro Saturday today. 

If there is no damage from Earl we'll be leaving once again for PEI (Prince Edward Island) for a week on Sunday. Take care y'all. Jim

Found these at the 'Sally Ann' the other day. And just had to have them!

              Love the colour and can't make out the name on bottom.

These pert little juice glasses are by Holt-Howard and made in 1962. Now to find the matching pitcher.....

On our trip to the Bay of Fundy the other day, we stopped at one of the many (in these parts anyway) Guy Frenchie's stores. They have used clothing and 'this and that'. I found this little lady completely covered in grease/dirt. But after a warm bath, she looked like this:

She's a 'no-name' gal....unless somebody knows!

She is also a 'shaker', as in salt and pepper.

Now to find her mate!

On the way home we went into the small town of Windsor, Nova Scotia....looking for a 'Sally Ann'.....none. But found a little antiques and collectibles shop and saw this piece of Pyrex.

It's the 'Butterfly Gold' pattern and is a gravy boat.

That's it for this Retro Saturday folks. Stay tuned for another episode of 'Ocean Breezes" brought to you by the friendly people at............


  1. Well, I hope there is no damage from Earl and you get to go to PEI and have some more vacation! It sounds much better if you aren't cleaning up debris!
    The no name girl is charming!
    Take care and take no chances!

  2. Hope you all stay safe and sound! Love the no named girl!

  3. Batten down the hatches! I hope Earl proves to be all talk and no action.

  4. No name girl is adorable! Good luck with Earl!

  5. Hope Earl doesn't come too close to your house and all your beautiful things. Stay safe.--Inger

  6. Sorry, I should have said your beautiful things and you guys and, of course, Sophie. -- Inger

  7. Stay safe, Jim. I hope you get to go to PEI.

  8. Ooooohhhh! Nice finds!

    I found some red orange tumblers just like yours but all crackled inside :(

    Congrats on the gravy boat (I have one in Crazy Daisy).

    I am praying that Earl turns into a kitty when it touches ground in NS. Take care and be safe!

  9. hoping EARL won't give you too much trouble and keep you from going to PEI.

    one question though:
    where do you store all of that stuff???
    be safe!!

  10. Great finds, Jim! I especially love the vase from Sally Army. I found a candle holder in a similar color that I just love. Howard Holt is such a neat find, too. Darling little girl salt-shaker. Woo-hoo! some Pyrex :) I'm praying that Earl behaves himself up there. Have a wonderful time on PEI, lucky duck.

  11. Well, Jim, may I assume that you didn't get much debris left from EARL. . and I hope you are off to PEI. . . .we had a great day here. . .just a few scattered branches to gather up. . .

    Say! I love the sound of your windchime!!! Noice. . .how'dja do that???


  12. My favorite is the vase. And...take care, I hope everything is okay.

  13. Hi Jim,
    I just saw some footage of Nova Scotia on the news. Looks like your weather is a bit rough. Hope you and Ron and Sophie are fine and have power, and I hope you get to make your trip.

  14. Hope that you're all doing well in the aftermath of Earl. that windchime had me going for a bit. I couldn't figure out what was rattling on my desk. Sigh, you have a windchime, I have the sound of a chipmunk scrambling up the drainpipe, just outside of where I sit at the computer.

  15. Sunday morning........
    all is well, got through Earl relatively unscathed.....branches down but no big trees this time! Whew!
    Off to PEI at noon. Take care. And thanks.

  16. jim.. hope all these nik nacks are safe... what do you do when you have a hurricaine warning? do you board everything up?

  17. I so much enjoy seeing your treasures.
    And you did find some treasures! Very nice.
    Glad to hear you are all fine with having to deal with Earl. So long Earl and don't come back!!! :) hugs.

  18. Holt-Howard plain glasses, mugs and cups are rare and pitchers are even rarer as holt-Howard were pre-occupied with 'Pixie-ware'. Best I could locate that was similar to your glasses is!B,!k6s!!mk~$(KGrHgoH-CoEjlLl)2U9BKpb4wK3Bg~~_35.JPG


  19. Glad you're A-ok. Have a wonderful time!

  20. I hope you guys didn't suffer much damage from Earl. I watched it on TV beating up your area nd wondered how you are doing and if you had hunkered down well.

  21. Hope you fared well with Earl.

    Great finds. I particularly like the brown pottery.

  22. No name girl is great! I just love finding stuff that need 'completed' by getting the other part of the set. It gives me a goal. Good luck. Glad you survived Earl, tell Sophie... Gracie says 'Woof! Woof!'

  23. maybe you should tell Gracie that, in the gay culture[...], "woof, woof" means something else.....
    i'm just saying...


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