Friday, September 3, 2010

Retro Saturday

Hi bloogers! Due to the unpredictability of  Hurricane Earl which is to hit somewhere in Nova Scotia tonight, I will be posting Retro Saturday today. 

If there is no damage from Earl we'll be leaving once again for PEI (Prince Edward Island) for a week on Sunday. Take care y'all. Jim

Found these at the 'Sally Ann' the other day. And just had to have them!

              Love the colour and can't make out the name on bottom.

These pert little juice glasses are by Holt-Howard and made in 1962. Now to find the matching pitcher.....

On our trip to the Bay of Fundy the other day, we stopped at one of the many (in these parts anyway) Guy Frenchie's stores. They have used clothing and 'this and that'. I found this little lady completely covered in grease/dirt. But after a warm bath, she looked like this:

She's a 'no-name' gal....unless somebody knows!

She is also a 'shaker', as in salt and pepper.

Now to find her mate!

On the way home we went into the small town of Windsor, Nova Scotia....looking for a 'Sally Ann'.....none. But found a little antiques and collectibles shop and saw this piece of Pyrex.

It's the 'Butterfly Gold' pattern and is a gravy boat.

That's it for this Retro Saturday folks. Stay tuned for another episode of 'Ocean Breezes" brought to you by the friendly people at............

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