Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

This is a 'mug' of me. I remember that jacket so well....
thought I was so cool in it!!
This was 1959-60 and I was 12 years old.

At dusk on MacDonald Hill....

I like these pastels, and with that backdrop........has a 'New England' look about it.
I just purchased this table a few days ago from the gal who had this space before me.
It is from Pictou County, Nova Scotia and is called a 'Baker's Table'.
The drawer goes from front to back.
It is probably a 100 years old.

This fella, Teddy, has been in the basement for too long.
He comes from Ron's mother's estate.
He is about 70 years old.

Blocking the view, so I improvised.

From one of the shop windows looking out onto the Atlantic.

This is a 'Prayer/Meditation Bench' that is also in the shop.
It is from a local church....probably Roman Catholic or 'high' Anglican.
I remember these in church when I was an altar boy, except they had cushions.

Our deciduous Azalea is just blooming out.

It is very striking in the front garden.

'Straight Out Of Camera' (SOOC) of Soloman's Seal blossoms.

Blending in.

What a great way to end the week.....with laughter!
Met up with a friend, Caroline, from 1980's aerobic fitness days.
We were all instructions back then.
Would you believe she is 75?
We have her permission to announce this to the world!! lol

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