Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

A 'shop to shore' kind of week.

'Mid-Century Maniac', my shop, has now moved into larger quarters.
It took A LOT of work to do so
but in the end it was worth it.

I can now put kitchen furniture in the shop
which means that our basement has some room in which to move around.

It is still a 'work in progress' as are most shops.

I really enjoy having this focus and meeting people from all over who visit.

Yesterday morning at Lawrencetown Beach....Sophie and I and Ron in the distance.

Looks like Ron is about to give a sermon!!

 Our garden, front and back, is more like a 'woodland garden' than anything else.
We pretty much let things happen on it's least at this point.
Initially when we started with a blank slate,
 we planted everything we could get our hands on using design plans
that were not always adhered to.

We have about four 'ground covers' and I noticed lately that each is asserting themselves.
It will be interesting to see which one has supremacy of certain areas of the garden.
I love ground covers. And since we do not have a grass lawn, these are easier to maintain.

Clematis and Climbing Hydrangea love this rocky area of the garden.
As do some of the Hosta.

Clam shell.

Lone orange flower growing among the Euphorbia 

The highlight of the week was Dad's induction into the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame.
Here he is with most of my siblings:
From the left...Mary Elizabeth (Mim), Fred, Laurie, Cheryl (our 'double first cousin'
who has been more like a sister over the years), yours truly and Paula.

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