Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mid-Century Mania

I don't know what it is that attracts me to mid 20th century 'things'.
Maybe it brings back good memories of what I noticed/saw when I was a kid.
Maybe its the 'clean lines' and simplicity of most of it.

I 'found' this deuce table and chairs set last week.
I fell in love instantly!
Then I cleaned it up a bit and voila....not viola!! lol

It will eventually make its way to the shop.....when I have some room for it!!


  1. I also love this period of design - I would be in big trouble if I owned your shop. I think it would own me instead!

  2. Like the quilt, a wash and polish, and all so new again. This goes back some years, and I'm sure will not be there on the "shop floor" for long.

  3. this set looks like it is in really good shape for it's age!

  4. good for you Jim, what fun to find lovely items and make them shiny and new, very artistic and lovely :)

  5. ps i'm still on although google took me over again rrrr

  6. "Deuce table" -- thanks, you've taught me a new term!

  7. It cleaned up decent, wrong size for me though. Perfect for the start of another 'pack-a-stack-n-file-a-pile.'
    The chairs look comfy.

  8. A beautiful set! I love mid century too. Between mid century and Art Deco, I can't choose which I prefer!


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