Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Lost Art?

I picked up this handmade 'knotted-patch' quilt on Monday.
It will find its way to the shop today.

I always wanted to try and make one of these.
Years ago, when we lived in the valley, on a mountain...ok, a high hill,
we don't have real mountains in Nova Scotia, at least on the mainland,
I used to watch the farm family across the road in their living room
set up a giant frame for quilting, and go about hand sewing the entire quilt.

It was a social gathering of sorts for the ladies to meet once a week to talk and sew.
I ended up buying one the quilts for my brother, Dennis', wedding.

I know now one could do these in sections
 and assemble together after all sections were done.

As you may know there are quilt museums filled with wonderful examples
of different patterns/styles.

This particular one here is precisely what it looks like....made up of hundreds of patches
taken from different multi-coloured fabrics and each patch is knotted in the centre.

I was immediately drawn to this one because of the bright colours and that it was hand done.

This is the back of the quilt as it was hanging on the clothesline Monday evening
as the sun was going down.
The back is made from one sheet of fabric that is printed in squares.
I had to look closely at first and realized these were not individual squares on this side.

Have you ever made a quilt?
If so, tell us about the one(s) you made.

If not, would you like to?

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