Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Embracing winter, or is it the other way round,
and saying good-bye to friends.

From my perch on the hill last Sunday at the shop.

Winter morning sunrise hitting garden shed.

And the 'prayers' continue......

Ron braving it in the garden one morning this week.

June and Katharine came for lunch last Saturday.
Katharine took this photo of Ron, June and Sophie.

While I was busy in the kitchen (there's just no rest!! lol),
Katharine was kind enough to take a few shots for me.
I really like this one of her mother, June.

Sophie is the BEST 'kitchen assistant' I could ever have!

She was very attentive to everything I was doing/baking.

After lunch we all went down to the shop.
It was a very cold and windy day, so I gave June the scarf/shawl
I had just completed and put in the shop.
She loved it and said it would come in handy all year in France.

I noticed these two container freighters waiting their turn to enter Halifax Harbour.

Smiles all round!

We bought six of these chairs from June last week.
I loved them as soon as I saw them.
They are caned ladder-backs and very old
and made in Nova Scotia.
Off to the shop they go very soon.


  1. What a beautiful collection of photos to remember the day, and more importantly, your friends by. Laughing at Sophie on sentry duty by the oven!

  2. What a beautiful story and all the amazing photos to match, all full of love whoever is in the photo, and Sophie, oh my she is a Princess, loved every photo every words, bravo Jim Have a great Feb 14, lots of love to all

  3. what a great place for the wonderful scarf to end up. you all had such a wonderful goodbye! sophie looks like my julia chow in the kitchen! there is always the hope that something might drop!

  4. I LOVE these images, especially the ones with all of you in them. And Sophie is the sweetest, and most helpful!

  5. It looks so cold there, Brrr. Two lovely ladies to share your day with Ron and Sophie, the scarf looks lovely on your friend! I love your 'homey' kitchen!

  6. Love your kitchen assistant. The shot after that is such a beautiful portrait.


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