Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Devil Made Me Do It

The other day we went to Eastern Passage 
which is a community to the east of the city of Dartmouth.

Just off the shore here is an island called Devil's Island (click to learn more).

We rowed out to this island back in the 1990's with a friend
and met the occupants who managed the lighthouse there.

They were the only people living there. 
If I remember correctly it was a young couple with a child
and they were artists.

I remember taking photos that day of their clothesline 
which was full of bright-coloured towels
blowing in the wind.

It was freezing here the other day when I took the above shot.
Just so you know, the white area just above the vegetation
is ocean ice/slush that was moving up and down with swell of the ocean.
We don't see that that often here...unless it is really cold.


  1. is the family still there? sounds like an awesome place to live

    1. This island has been vacant of occupants for years now, Kathy. It is privately owned now by a local man.It would make for a great summer home location!

  2. wow I love it,, your photo kinda looks like mine, except mine is a like, how weird is that, brilliant minds and all lol

  3. Looks very cold and lonely there - great place for... ghosts?

  4. It was interesting reading the history of this island. I'd love to see the lighthouse up close.

  5. Brrrr! Another awesome winter shot, Jim! The gull brings the photo alive!


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