Friday, February 13, 2015

A Change Is As Good As A Rest

As some of you know from former posts here,
two friends of ours were clearing out their house in Halifax,
and moving to northern France.

They were selling everything and giving the rest away
to anyone who wanted it.

This photograph piece is by Katharine and was done in 1995.
It is composed of about a dozen photos, of, in this case, the Bay of Fundy.
I remember going to that exhibit and buying a 'pear study' done in the same manner.

Here's another by Katharine called 'Waves and Rocks'.
The Lotte lamp is one of two we bought.

This painting called 'Sample Strips Cut From Sky During and After Sunset'
was done by a local artist in 1985 and was a gift to June (Katharine's mother).
I wanted to buy it and June said I could have it.
It is a water colour and I like everything about it.

Now that June and Katharine are in France, 
we have a few mementos of their very busy week emptying 
out a house filled with art and furniture.

Changing things/adding things to one's surroundings
can give you a much needed 'lift' in the middle of a long winter.

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