Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On A Clear Day.....

I was never one to complain and I am not about to start now.

Winter is throwing us a very old fashioned (50's/60's)
one this year.....tons of snow, ice and
beautiful clear sunny days.

This is a shot of Ron and Sophie on MacDonald Hill this past Saturday.


  1. Beautiful indeed and good for you I've loved all aspects of winters all my life right up to the moment where I were thrown into an apt, where you get buzzed at all hours because you have to move your car so the snow machine can take it all off, this is not ok because sometimes I truly can't, before my 14 years in a house, i lived in apts but i was working then so I never knew how incredible annoying it can be, so I told them leave me alone I'll clean my car myself and I'll take four feet of snow all around the car and salt it, breaks my back but hey I do it better than the snow machine.....

  2. It looks very beautiful. Great shot of Ron and Sophie!

  3. Clear and crisp winters days are really lovely. Mind you crisp for us is 0C, nothing like your -15C! Wrap up warm you 3.

  4. I can't believe how you're getting hammered down there! Snow galore this year, eh?

  5. Yes, it sure is February! Please send a clear day.

  6. beautiful picture. freezing here in the southeast from teens to single digits temps. just had our first snow, bout 5 inches total. hardly even enough to make a fair snowman!

  7. It's the ice I'd have trouble with - the snow I'd take in stride. However, it does make for some stunning photos...


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