Friday, February 20, 2015

Needing Some Balance

I had to remind myself today that we are heading towards spring
and that colour will once again return to the eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

Compared to Wednesday's photo of this same location, (click here)
 colour can be downright blinding!!


  1. What's surprising is how quickly everything changes and comes back to life. We don't have your ice and extreme cold but we are supposed to have a wet and windy few days from Sunday. Oh the joy...

  2. oh my even I, the Ice Queen, am fed up with winter, so it's summer or spring now...enough of winter, I don't have to have it on my laptop, who cares about chronology, i mean it's summer somewhere, atta boy Jim

  3. I have full faith that you are right on this prediction!!

  4. We're having record lows and lots of snow. Hurry spring!


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