Friday, February 6, 2015

Being Blasted By Winter

Another snow storm is heading our way as I speak.....
this would be the third one in a 10 days.

I know, it is winter. What would one expect, eh?

I am thankful for the light in the front garden.


  1. Hello Jim - just when you think that spring is almost here eh? I'm sorry for your relentless storms. Here we're having two weeks "off" after a windy winter with calm and chilly weather. Dare I hope that winter is over? I'm sure not.

  2. lol hey Jim one must do what one must do lol BRilliant!!!! we have snow storms everyday, and the machine requires at whatever time it shows for all car in the parking lot to be moved to the street, and then you go back out and put your car back....I can't I gave them a key and I said you want to move my car, MOVE IT YOURSELF, I know mean but there are some medication and there's no way I can put my car back.....I so miss my house, never had to leave ...

  3. batten down the hatches and stay safe and warm!

  4. A lighthouse in a storm, we all need one, lovely photo, keep warm, maybe indoors would be best!!! Too many snow storms in such a short time, down here 6Celsius this morning!!!

    1. 6C?! But it's summer, Jean! Stay warm!

  5. Fabulous shot, Jim! Stay warm and safe. By the time it's all over, you and Ron will be the best Scrabble players :)

  6. I love the way this shot contrasts the warm coziness of the house with the winter storm outside.


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