Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All In A Day's....Work?

This is Ron, my husband, on a typical day in our 'neck of the woods'.

As you may have noticed, we love to photograph everything in sight....well almost!

Ron has turned into quite the photographer.......particularly since we got Sophie, our dog, four years ago.

His main goal every day is to get some 'shots' of her.....where ever they may be.

Ron has always had an artistic side. When we first met it was not unusual to see him sketching in pen and ink.

So when blogging came into his life a whole new world was opened up in which to express himself.

Photography is a great way to not only 'capture the moment', it also affords an opportunity to vent your creativity.

And you know what? It doesn't matter one iota what kind of camera you have. Have you ever seen some 'phone' shots? They are good!

I took a photography course a few years back and the first thing the instructor said was:'If you expect to learn how to operate a camera, then you are in the wrong course!'

What he wanted us to learn was to 'see'.......use our eyes. I guess he also meant for us to learn to 'think outside the box'. One assignment was 'houses'. I did a whole series on chimneys in my Vancouver neighbourhood.

So if you don't already, why not get any camera you can get your hands on and get out (or for that matter stay in) and start snapping!!! You may surprise yourself and tap into the creative side of your brain.


  1. Good morning Jim. I love looking at the pictures both you and Ron take. And of course, you have some beautiful subjects (yes, you too Soph).
    When I first met Gary I thought he was a little 'out there' because he was stopping the car to snap pictures everywhere we went. A Barn?! Why would he take a picture of a barn, I thought... Now I find that I do the same thing. LOL. I'm glad I read your post today... I'm usually a little reserved about putting my phone pictures on.. but you took a class (I've never) and if you say it's alright. Then it's alright.

  2. i cant get over how lovely your title picture is, i love how you play with the colors in your shots...

    ron is so cute.. so are you, you make a cute & great couple!

    enjoy the weather. diane and i enjoy taking pictures too.

  3. You both take great shots, Jim, and both have a keen eye for composition.

    What a hard life you both lead... ;0)

  4. So true, Jim. A new world opened up for me when I got the Nikon. :)

  5. You and Ron both have an artist`s eye-love looking at your photographs !

  6. Hi Jim... I often snap photo's of everything and anything... I get the micky taken out of me for doing it ... but I don't care.. lol ... I mostly use my iphone camera these days... I have a proper digital camera but the zoom on my phone is so much better than my proper camera! and its handy to slip in my pocket and its always with me...

    I am constantly in awe of the world around me ... and the beauty that so many people don't notice astounds me...

    I have been teaching Jamie all about photography... my first lesson for her was to actually look at everything around her... so exciting to see the idea planted in her mind and growing into hopefully a passion.... fingers crossed!

    lovely post... as usual! ;D


  7. You're both terrific photographers! I always enjoy how you "see".

  8. Very nice post today and love the shots of the hike. Similar for me too ... once I got my camera it opened up a new passion for me ... as did blogging ... a venue to express myself.

  9. Great suggestion. But, I agree with Janet; you guys both have a great eye for the shot. I love the stories and moods your images impart.

  10. In my teens, I had a Kodak Disc that I took a billion pictures with. Then I got lazy in the 90s and it all slowed down. I would tell Fred to take photos of things for me. He got tired of that. He bought my Sony for me two months before I started Blogging. And I haven't looked back since. I would love to buy a Canon next year. I am happy with my photos but I think that there is quality to be found in the Nikons and Cannons that my Sony doesn't have.

  11. I know what you are saying Mark....I guess it depends on how far you want to go in this 'business' of taking pictures. Nikon is reputed to have the best lenses and Canon I hear has the best video capabilities now, at least in this range of equipment. So, it's what you need and what you want to get what you need. What was that?!

  12. Well, when you have such beautiful scenery, a cute husband and a darling dog, how can you NOT take great photos????? One place that I love to use my camera is New Mexico--with the lack of humidity the pix come out so crisp and vibrant. My 18 year old niece taught herself how to use a rather complex camera and she takes incredible shots. And she also uses her phone camera to take a trillion snaps of her and her boyfriend that she's constantly posting on Facebook. Every single one is the two of them, heads together, silly expressions, and part of her arm stuck out since she's snapping away. Haven't seen many of her "good" shots so have a feeling the boyfriend has taken precedence over photography!

  13. You clearly have a photographers eye. I'm trying to think "outside the box" as you say it, but it's a learning curve as I generally don't have a creative bone in my body!
    Lovely shots.

  14. I love my cameras, since digital has come out, it's like "free" and I can (an do) take hundreds of shots a week. Not many worthy of keeping, but still....

    I take 3 kinds of pictures:
    1. People in my family for the family albums.
    2. Stuff I am trying to "see" that I can blow up and see what is going on.
    3. Stuff I personally think is cool, I don't know if it is artsy or beautiful or whatever - it's something I like. Today's post is an example, the first two are just me and the third one, well, it's the first bug I got to stay still for me!

  15. You're quite the photographer yourself, you know. And, I agree with you 100% It doesn't matter if anyone's photos aren't magazine quality. They show life at its most informal, not posed or fake. And, they show a little of the person taking the picture and who they are.

  16. I spent 12 years working in the photography business. I watched as many people spent hundreds, if not thousands each month on film and developing aside from the cost of the cameras and such.

    What rocked my world was Digital! Although I worked for Kodak "developing" the technology, I didn't realize just how much it would change the face of photography itself.

    Now, like many people, I don't leave the house without some form of camera. Even if it's just my phone. Which has a 5 mega pixel camera built in.

    We can now publish even our worst stuff with a few touches to a touchscreen. And to know right away if things turned out, turned my world upside down.

  17. I love walking around with a camera in my hand....snapping everything in your shots...


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