Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All In A Day's....Work?

This is Ron, my husband, on a typical day in our 'neck of the woods'.

As you may have noticed, we love to photograph everything in sight....well almost!

Ron has turned into quite the photographer.......particularly since we got Sophie, our dog, four years ago.

His main goal every day is to get some 'shots' of her.....where ever they may be.

Ron has always had an artistic side. When we first met it was not unusual to see him sketching in pen and ink.

So when blogging came into his life a whole new world was opened up in which to express himself.

Photography is a great way to not only 'capture the moment', it also affords an opportunity to vent your creativity.

And you know what? It doesn't matter one iota what kind of camera you have. Have you ever seen some 'phone' shots? They are good!

I took a photography course a few years back and the first thing the instructor said was:'If you expect to learn how to operate a camera, then you are in the wrong course!'

What he wanted us to learn was to 'see'.......use our eyes. I guess he also meant for us to learn to 'think outside the box'. One assignment was 'houses'. I did a whole series on chimneys in my Vancouver neighbourhood.

So if you don't already, why not get any camera you can get your hands on and get out (or for that matter stay in) and start snapping!!! You may surprise yourself and tap into the creative side of your brain.

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