Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weaseling Out on Wednesday.......Kinda

I was nominated for an award last week by Chris over at Grow Fish Eat. Thanks for this Chris. Check him out if you haven't already....he has a wicked sense of humour and a vast thirst for life. Plus he is very handy to have around!

I used to be  of two minds about awards. First, I didn't see the purpose for them. I thought that they were just a gimmick to get people to read and follow you (which of course is true but that's OK) and if they saw that you had tons of awards then you must be good at this blogging thing (which is sometimes true too!).

I have recently begun to see that it is also a great opportunity to also get to know the blogger a little better and also get to meet the blogs that they like and recommend.

I do respect the fact that some people have 'award free' blogs and that is their choice.

So I humbly accept this Versatile Blogger award and now have, or choose to  share a few things about myself. Honestly this IS the hardest part for me. I am never comfortable about revealing things about myself.....and all that therapy too! lol

This is what the award looks like and I am sure you have seen it around.

Now to the task of unmasking a few layers: 

1. I've always hated eggs. They made me sick (literally) since I was a baby. Last year I went to a NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) practitioner and she cleared me . I have had an egg every morning since.

2. I am one of nine kids and wouldn't have had it any other way.

3. Tried out for 'little league' baseball when I was around 11 years old....never made it! And I loved baseball! Still do.

4. The best teachers I had were nuns with the exception of Miss Burke my grade 6 teacher.

5. The worst teachers I had were just plain old miserable people some of which were nuns as well.

6. The kindest person I have ever known was my mother.

7. The most difficult person I have known was my mother. I loved her dearly but that's just how it was.

There! That's done.

It is now my task to nominate others for this award. This is the part that makes my crazy! As I follow and enjoy a lot of blogs. But the ones that immediately come to mind are: ALL OF THEM! I follow all my followers and recommend you take a look and pick a few that look appealing to you. Each are interesting in their own right.

So Chris, there you have it. I do appreciate that you took the time to include me in your award.


  1. This was nice... and I loved how you kindly got out of choosing by saying ~ All of them~ (I would have did the same). Love your pictures! Now go have yourself an omlet... :-)

  2. Pretty pictures of a persistent pair of wings!

    Congratulations on your award. I am glad that you are happy with it. You ARE a versatile blogger!

    I, however, am not good with computers, have always had a lousy connection and limited time.

  3. A nice revealing read, Jim. Love you shots.. Butterflies fly free and so should we all.

    be well n happy.

  4. That was super nice of Chris. Congrats on the award. It's funny that you should write about this because I just did the same this morning. But now I think I may have made a mistake and I'll need you to correct me on this. I listed you as presenting this same award to me before. Am I wrong? Am I going crazy? Maybe both but I need your help. Please correct me if I'm wrong so I can make that change soon.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. I've always wondered if NAET worked at all. Glad it worked for your egg allergy!

  6. I'd never heard of NAET treatment, Jim.

    I wonder if I can use the other way round and quit drinking...

    Yet again, superb photos.

  7. Well done... very deserved! The photos of the butterfly on the buddleia bush are wonderful.

  8. I used to get upset because I rarely got awards, but then when I started getting them it got kind of tedious trying to think up new and different things about myself, and then some people really didn't appreciate it when you passed along the award. But I'm still going to give you the VintageChristine "One of the Nicest People in the World" award, because you are!

  9. Interesting about you egg allergies. I'll have to research more about NAET. I'm one who doesn't do awards. Just can't figure out how to put that "award free blog" notice up.

  10. Hey Jim,thanks for putting a smile on my face again!! Loved your remark about your Mom..Surely most of us can relate..I feel the same about mine!! As for the wouldn't know how I dream about baking with them as we have sooo much from just ten hens!!!
    Have a good one.

  11. I like reading things we didn't know about our blogger friends.
    I hate eggs too, unless they are in cakes. Or cookies!
    Is that Black Night Butterfly bush? I planted one this year, and it's going to thrive here in the land of harsh weather. It's bloomed all summer. I love it, and hope it makes it through our extreme winter.

  12. Loved your photos!

    Am fascinated about the NAET - have never heard of it - off to find more out now!

    Enjoyed your post very much!

  13. Great post! Those butterfly pics are beautiful. Ros

  14. I'm not an awards person either...but I loved your answers...let us know a little more about you...


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