Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Tale

Here we are in August. I like turning the page on the calendar month after month. It's like getting a fresh start on things.

Not that I am wanting life to go by more quickly, it's more like each new month presents itself with new ideas and other things to consider.

For example, this month we are going away for a real vacation. I know, I hear some of you now....what do you mean vacation! Look what you guys do every day....it looks like a vacation to me!

Well, in one way you are right. As we were reminded this past week by our friend Anne, we do live a somewhat 'ideal' life from a certain perspective I guess. But we are where we are due to circumstances beyond our control.....mainly due to 'health' issues back in 2008.

So we were forced into this 'retirement'. We had planned to both work until we were 65. But life got in the way and here we are planning our first 'away' vacation since 2006.

We are going to Cape Cod on August 14th and plan to be away for about two weeks. We are both pretty excited and looking forward to exploring the Cape.......not to mention the coast of Maine on the way back home.

We were never ones that planned things well ahead of time. We learned the hard way a few times.....we just would change our minds too often. But we' lucked in' and got accommodations at a B&B in Provincetown for the entire time.

We have been to P'town a few times before and have totally enjoyed the laid-back nature of the place. We will be able to relax, be ourselves and do whatever we want, when we want. 

We had thought to bring Sophie along but we very quickly looked at each other and said, Day Care! Luckily Cathy and Mary at Country Critter Sitters, just about 10 minutes from here along the eastern shore, had space for her. Whew!

So it will be 'vacation time' for us real soon and we are finally ready to take one! Click on this link to get us goin' and stay in the mood!

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