Saturday, August 27, 2011

P'town in Pictures

So good to have a change of scenery. You know what 'they' say...a change is as good as a rest.  We didn't get much rest!

We were in Provincetown, Massachusetts for 8 days.In case you don't know where this place is it is at the very tip of a very large sand dune called Cape Cod.

Lots of walking and lots of watching the 'sights'! Some of these were from the 'pre-parade' parade of people.

What a great town! Did you know that it is considered the most dog-friendly place in America? Don't tell Sophie that! lol

It was Carnival Week when we were there. It was a blast seeing everyone just 'being themselves' with no fear of recrimination from anybody.

The galleries were incredible! One could spend days just visiting these. 

We bought one from here...the one in the lower left corner. We knew exactly were it would go in the house.

I think I know what distinguishes Americans from Canadians.....population. Canada has 30 million people while the USA has over 300 million! I can appreciate how this can shape a country. We have so much in common with the States but more room to do it.

It was so good to be able to hold hands with Ron without causing heads to turn and comments to be said. It's the 'little things' that we miss being able to do. So for a week we could be who we are. It was nice. This is so taken for granted by so many people.

Since it was Carnival Week there was a parade. There were 100,000 people in this little town of 1350 ! We were advised that if we wanted to get good pictures we should go to the east end of town where it begins and before it hits the 'downtown' section of Commercial Street. So we did. And this is where we were 'stationed'. Not many people at first, but eventually it was as though they were coming out of the woodwork!

Some 'practice shots' of Ron across the street.

And the parade finally started!

The parade marshal was Charo. The night before we saw her in concert. There was a little a her 'hoochie, koochie' (she said this was what gave her the $$$$ to pursue a career in Spanish guitar as well. Two thirds of the show was guitar....and was it good! Who would have thunk!

As I said, her concert was very good. At first she talked quite a bit and would get all excited....I had no clue what she was saying but she was entertaining and we were glad we got to see her. I remember seeing her on the Ed Sullivan show when I was a old is this lady?! She did say that she was 250 years old! At least that's what I thought she said. Whatever, she plays a mean guitar!!

Instead of trying to fit/show every picture taken on our holiday, and to spare you the time that would take, as we took a combined total of 5000 photos, I will be posting pics for the rest of the year! lol

                             The Pilgrim Monument in the centre of town.

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