Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

We are so much a part of everything else.

Just because we are human and have managed to evolve with a brain, doesn't mean we are any better than anything else.

We have just evolved differently, say from a dog, a tree, an ant or a flower.

But we all came from the same source.....and have taken different routes to achieve our destiny.

Some call that source God. Some don't call it anything. Whatever you choose to call from whence you came, you must admit it is quite a journey.


  1. me too
    thinking out loud that is!

  2. Yes, we humans get pretty uppity about ourselves, don't we?

  3. Beautiful pictures and thoughts!

    Good Morning, Jim! We finally got some rain!

  4. Interconnected. I wish more people would remember that. Love the nasturtiums.

  5. I totally agree!!! We are no better, or more important, than anything else! We are part of the same nature, same creation.

  6. Good thoughts at the end of a hectic day and a stressful week.

  7. peaceful thoughts, thanks jim.

    again, beautiful pictures.

  8. I agree - we are all interconnected and dependent on one another.

  9. Ah yes. The journey.
    I love the source, too, don't get me wrong, but oh man.
    The JOURNEY.

  10. Nice pictures, Jim. Nice thoughts.. and yes, it sure is some journey!

  11. I like the way you deep think, Jim.. pretty pics too!

    be well and happy,

  12. Lovely pictures and something to think about!

  13. well said!!
    the primordial soup turned out to be more complex than one would thing, for all the diversity it brought. people tend to forget that.


  14. I am created by God, not an evolution process that manifested me into who I am by chance. I am a completely unique individual, there is no one else like me. I think, I reason, I love, I create because I was made for this purpose. If there is no God, where did music come from? If we were just a process of evolution, where did our language come from, our mathematical genius, our Renoirs or our Michaelangelos?

    Well, Jim, you got me started, LOL. I was thinking out loud, too...

  15. Jim, your photography is always a gift to me when I visit your blog. Thank you for generously sharing it with us. I deeply appreciate your perspective!


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