Friday, August 12, 2011

Time to Take A Break

We are heading south very early Sunday morning.

Sophie will be at her favourite 'home away from home' least that's what she told me!

We are going to the New England states.....specifically Massachusetts. But in order to get there by car it is necessary to drive through Maine which has a terrific coastline, and a small portion of the state of New Hampshire, along their coast.

We are staying in Provincetown which is at the very uppermost tip of Cape Cod. Of course we will be taking a few photos which we will share with you upon our return to blogland.

Until then, be safe and enjoy yourselves. See you in two weeks.


  1. Hope you all have a wonderful trip! I would say take lots of pictures for us but I know you will do that anyhow,you are a great photographer!

  2. Bon voyage mon ami!

    We'll be awaiting your tales from your trip.

  3. Have a brilliant time - look forward to catching up and seeing the photographs when you get back lol xx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Enjoy, be safe, and see you when you get back. :)

  5. Enjoy your vacation! Drive safely!

    See you on your return!

  6. I hope you have the very best time "evah."

  7. I'll miss you most of all.

  8. I love those last two photos! Have a beautiful drive. Love the coast of Maine and have a great time in Provincetown...haven't been there for a while but loved it when I was!

  9. Have a wonderful trip! I'm sure you'll have some amazing pictures to share.

  10. You two have a fun trip and be safe! Looking forward to pictures and reading about your trip..

  11. Have a great vacation! I hope you get to rest and have fun in P-town.

    I stayed there for a month about 30 years ago in a huge apt full of roommates, it was great fun.

    However everytime I went back to Cape Cod I was disappointed and stunned by the rudeness of the people. So we made our mind up and Cape Cod is not for us. We go to Maine or NH.

  12. Oh i envy you guys! We've just come in from "a night on the town" in Gay Village-Montreal. We really are away from Home.. . .way ,way away. So I look forward to reading about your days at Provincetown.

    I truly hope that Vonlipi's being "disappointed and stunned by the rudeness of the people" will NOT be your experience! I guess there are always, sadly, "some of them" around to stomp all over others: I hope they have taken to vacationing elsewhere.

    But it does happen. . .this strange phenomenon of "Augustitis". . .when the hosts and wait-staff forget WHY they are there. . .by mid- to late August they've had it "up to here" with the tourists. . those whiny, self-centered, pushy rude people who make others miserable. . . .and it is contagious, sadly. . . so we literally over-look them. . ignore them. . .and concentrate on the real, lovely, sweet people all around us and refuse to be dominated by "that crowd". . . takes some effort, but we can refuse to allow them to rain on our parade and spoil the good times to be had here. . .

    So WELCOME to all our gracious lovely visitors, especially those hunks from Nova Scotia. . .hehe... . Bienvenues vous autres. . have fun.

    Peter and Justin, "expatriates pro temp". . . .;-)

  13. Have a wonderful vacation. I'm looking forward to many beautiful photos.

  14. have fun, you guys! see ya on the return... cant wait to see yo; pictures!

  15. Happy travels to you! Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your adventures.

  16. Hey Jimbo.

    When you've un-packed, I've listed you as a 'versatile blogger' so please feel free to accept and copy/paste this logo onto your blog.

    If you accept the idea is (I think) to continue the link...

    All the best


  17. Hope you both had a great time away!

  18. Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing the photos from an area I've always wanted to visit.

  19. Just checking to see if ya'll are back and safe from Irene. HUGS, Mal

  20. Hi all! Been working on a post....trying to consolidate a bunch of pictures in one post from our trip.
    The pressure is on!!!!lol
    Stay tuned.


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