Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Day In A Life

                              'I love the fog. In fact I love my life!' 
                             'Another day here at my  perch.'
                             'You know, I have it pretty good.'
                             'No one to bug me.'
                             'Lots to eat.'
    'Watching life go by.'

    'I really should thank my lucky stars for all of this!' 
    'Oh no! I spoke too soon!'
    'It's that crazy swimming mutt again and its stupid ball! I'm outta here!'
    'There's just no respect anymore....'
    'Life just isn't the same.... 'opening up' the park to these critters.'
    'I hate change!'


  1. Did something attack that bird in the last photo? m.

  2. "Hey, you! Get offa my cloud!" Wasn't there an old 60s song with that line?

  3. Debra, sure was by the "Rolling Stones'! You have such a quick wit about cha!

    Mark, that bird (gull) was having a particularly splashy landing.....nobody chasing it!

  4. BOL!!

    Nothing attacked the bird, it's catching a fish!

    Sophie, you're so funny!

  5. Mr. Blue Heron had the same thoughts the other day when I was walking by my stream!!


  6. Very funny! Miss Sophie, you are quite the swimmer.

  7. Love it and great narrative with the pictures! Just no respect is right!

  8. Great funny little story Jim. Reminded me of those cartoon strips from Johnny Hart - B.C, Crock and all that...

    I was waist deep in the river on Monday (fishin') when a dog just swam into view, paddled up close to me and checked me out, then just swam down river. Surreal.

  9. you should write children's books. a few pics, a few sentences, and there you go: a full story!!


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