Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

High up and back to sea level.........

This airliner is on it's way to the U.S. eastern seaboard......

Our 'sitting Buddha' catching a few rays.....

Two of A.A.Milne's classics at the shop....

On the Northwest Arm last week......somebody's #1!!

Taken from atop MacDonald Hill looking south....

This Northwest Arm shoreline is on the other side of peninsular Halifax.

We could all look up more often....amazing what's up there.

This needlepoint framed picture was in Ron's mother's kitchen for many years.....
now it is in the shop.

This season's first line of clothes.....

This is Nova Scotia's 'provincial flower'......the Mayflower.
We found this patch at the park.

At sea level......these two kayakers are enjoying perfect weather for their sport.


  1. And did I see " Icebreaker" on the sock line? Maybe they will get packed away soon as your days warm up. Down here, we are getting ours aired out and ready!!!

    1. They are always nearby, Jean, as we live so close to the ocean here in Nova never knows what to expect.

  2. Replies
    1. A lot going on up there, Debra, eh?

  3. Beautiful, Jim. And yes, we could - and SHOULD - all look up more often. So many interesting things to see. I love your colourful socks, too! I've got quite a few of those.

  4. I always look up! Wow, I'm impressed with your matching socks! In this house, we are known for mis-matched socks. Somewhere is a sock heaven, because I have no idea why only one sock comes back out of the wash! Great shot! Aloha


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