Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

Full week at the beaches and a 'meet-up'......

Sophie always waits for Ron to make sure he is with us.

On the approach to MacDonald House......

The cliffs as seen from Lawrencetown Beach......

And looking the other way down the beach....

These three are a very long way from home. They live in Australia.
Angus, Georgia and their father Richard, were in town visiting family.
Richard was a student in a high school in which I taught,
and he and a few of his classmates/friends would 'hang out'
in my room and help with my students who had challenges.
It was so good to meet his children and spend some time together
catching up and eating pizza!

Rogue wave at the beach......

A couple of needlepoint framed works at the shop.


Dune grass/boardwalk/lifeguard house.....

Beach treasure.....

My preferred view of 'watching the world go by'......


  1. The boardwalk, and your visitors, what a delightful family photo. I can see springtime in every one.

    1. Yes we are finally ere, Jean, in spring....Nova Scotia style.

  2. Oh yeah, I remember when those "l'il Indian kids" needlepoints were popular in the 60s. Prints and dolls too.

    1. The 60's were full of fun things to do/try/see.

  3. Wonderful collection, Jim! I love way Sophie waits for Ron; that is so cute. And what a terrific meetup. It must have been fun to see a student from way back all grown up with his own family!

    1. Thanks, Martha. Sophie and Ron have a very special bond as I am sure you know.
      It was delightful to meet up with Richard and his kids......last I saw he was a high school kid!!

  4. Good dog, Sophie! She sure is having a good time at the beach. Nice to hear about your visitors. And as always, great photos! Aloha!

    1. Sophie LOVES the beach and can't wait for our summer to arrive so she can jump in the ocean once again, Vicki.

  5. Looks like SD is determined to dig to China! How nice for you to meet up with an old student. The fact that he helped with your challenged kids says a lot about his character! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. If she could, Louise, she would try her hardest!
      Yes, as you know from your teaching career, there are those that are very comfortable working/playing with challenged kids. He was one and it does reflect a generosity of sorts.


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