Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Higher Learning

Yesterday, after our park walk, we headed to the 'new' library in Halifax.
We had a book to return and as well wanted to just embrace the ambiance. 

I dropped Ron off in front and hoped to find a parking spot.
And after a few loops around the block, got one down the street from the Library.

One has a choice in this magnificent building.....
take the stairs or the elevator.
I chose the stairs.

So up the five flights I went....taking a few photos along the way.

On the top floor I looked out onto the city from all sides.
The above shot shows a corner lot that was just demolished
and getting ready for condo development.
In the late 60's and early 70's a friend of mine
 lived at this location on the top floor......lots of memories in that ruble heap.

From another window I checked on our car (and Sophie).
It is the third up on the right by the beige house.
All looked fine.....

Going down to the fourth floor....look who I found across from the stairs.
Ron was busy looking through a book for a particular sweater design 
he has been looking for.
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