Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday Morning Post

From 'pea soup' to springtime in the Maritimes!

If you squint you will see the MacDonald House in the distance and in the fog.

Nothing better than a good assistant......

The Atlantic Ocean.......

Ron and Sophie in front garden.....waiting for it to warm up.

Stoic Sophie in the sun......

MacDonald House in the distance....

Sophie and I had a good walk the other day.
Here she is taking a break on her favourite patch of grass (which will 'green up').

My sister, Jo-Ann, and her partner, Milan, dropped by the shop on Sunday.
It was good to see them. Here they going up MacDonald Hill for a hike.

Taken from MacDonald House this week, facing west towards Halifax 40 km away,
notice the crow just right of center.

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