Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tea, Anyone?

Since I have opened my shop, Mid-Century Maniac, almost two years ago now,
lately I have been contacted by a couple of people every week
to inquire if I was interested in buying items they don't want or need any longer.

Most are older couples and are downsizing from their house to an apartment or condo.
They just can't take everything with them.
So I usually go and see what they have
an invariably I leave with a few things..........
anything from old beer steins to glassware to small vintage furniture.

I will have to learn to say no very soon as I am running out of storage space at the shop
or I have to become more selective in what I bring back.
I am learning 'the business' slowly but surely.
And, I might add, enjoying every second of it.

Below you will see a silver plate tea/coffee set that I am trying to find a buyer for.
It belongs to the 'tea room ladies' downstairs from the shop.
I don't want it as they are very difficult to in sell.
(Mind you if it was sterling it would be another matter!)
So many are on the market and I feel people just don't want
to have to clean it all the time. 
Plus, who really uses these on a regular basis anymore?

So, I am lucky to be doing something in my retirement for which I have an interest
and a passion. I don't see it as 'work' at all.

Question time......what would you like to be doing now or later in life
if you had the opportunity to do so?


  1. I just got a call back from an antiques dealer in Halifax after sending him a photo of this tea set. He verified what I have said that the 'younger consumers' today do not have any interest in these sets.......right now, there is no market for them. Mind you if it was sterling it would be another matter.
    So I will suggest to the tea room gals to maybe put it on display in the cafe.

  2. Jim, do you sell on eBay in addition to your store? That may be a way to "move" certain items that require a larger looky-loo audience.

    1. I have accounts with ebay and etsy but have chosen not to take that route mainly because of shipping costs from Canada are so high.....sometimes more than the cost of the item. Plus the packaging and time involved is too time-consuming for me.
      I have more time for reading during the slow months here.

  3. This is wonderful what you're doing, Jim. And I've no doubt just how much you're enjoying it!

  4. There are some classes I would enjoy teaching.


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