Friday, November 6, 2015

Going Going........

Absorbing all the colour we can before the big 'whiteout' occurs.
I love this time of year when the garden is like a Monet painting.


  1. Oh, the rich browns and gold of autumn! I was in Manitoba last weekend and was really struck by those fall colours in the fields.

  2. Happy Friday morning, Jim! I'm in bed drinking my coffee and catching up on your blogs. My best friend Cheri is arriving in a few hours, and I think I'll be up for getting up and going to dinner at Parkway with her, even though Terry has put his foot down and said I cannot go to the airport. I'm going to TEXT her when she's safely in the air and let her know that I won't be at the Hug Line.!!!! So that fantastic song by Adele ~ I heard it once on the radio, probably on Monday. She is a brilliant songwriter and performer! I may have to listen to an Adele station on my Amazon radio. Great advice from Pema on traffic jams. I do very well in real traffic jams; it's the metaphorical ones that are challenging. Like being stuck in bed flat all week. I think that was a lesson from the universe to me about trying to control things. Ready or not, here comes Cheri, and we will have a fabulous time even if I look like a ghost and there are dust bunnies if you look closely! Get ready for winter??? I have to gird my loins against the winter whines of Terry. He wants to be warm! It's already started. I keep telling him Hawaii is getting closer on the horizon! LOL ~ It's those unexpected Charlie Brown moments that make life such fun! The fifty shades of grey photo is magnificent, and a perfect example of why I love sunny Colorado!!!!! Gorgeous Monet photo of your garden, Jim!!! You and Ron are such awesome photographers. I've learned a new and obvious Duh! trick with my computer. I can open one window and scroll through your posts one by one, while writing a comment on a second window. Duh! Duh! Duh! Do you realize that all this time, I have writing notes to catch up from!!! Guess what! I think I've turned the corner because I've just realized that I have energy zipping through my fingers into the keyboard. I'm not telling Terry the good news though, until he finishes getting the last few things done before Cheri arrives! Winkers! Have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. That is gorgeous, Jim! May as well get all those colours in before they disappear.

  4. I love seeing Autumn through your eyes... and from a great distance. I just came in from admiring our three different colours of hibiscus in bloom on the terrace.


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