Friday, November 20, 2015

Moody Skies

November is unique from other months I feel.
It has a dual that it wants to be more 'fall-like' whenever possible
and at the same time threatens us all with winter behavior.
I guess it has a split identity.

Maybe that is why I always feel being pulled in opposite directions
 during this gloomy and moody month.

But once it has had its 'fun' and we move into December, 
things begin to brighten up somewhat as we head towards
the lighter months of the spring.

Do you think that certain months of the year affect us humans?

Or is it all in my head?

A November sky.


  1. I agree. November has a very distinct "feel" to it. The most sombre month of the year and not just because Remembrance Day is part of it.

  2. Oh, I definitely think that many if not all of us are affected by the changes of seasons, the changes in weather, the changes in light. This is not the easiest time of year for me and especially difficult for Jerry. But it can be so beautiful and the skies so dramatic.


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