Tuesday, November 17, 2015


So much discussion over the past few months about the refugee crises.

Since the ISIS-IL attack on Paris Friday, this discussion has taken
on an accelerated pace, especially here in Canada.
The reason for this is that the new Liberal government had promised
to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees before the end of December.
They got elected partially on this issue.....a lot of support in Canada for this.

I was one of those supporters and I still do support this idea.
A lot of people now feel that the government ought to put
their acceptance of 25,000 refugees on hold for a couple of reasons.
One being that some fear that terrorists may be hiding amongst them.

I trust that the government will take the appropriate steps/measures
 and do what is best for Canada to keep us all safe.

Thinking how we would feel if we were the ones in the 'camps' 
looking/hoping/waiting for countries to accept them.
These people are escaping terrorism and asking for a safe haven.

If you are comfortable in sharing your views on this crises,
I would love to hear your opinions and  absolutely no judgments will be made.

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