Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pushing My Luck

Got a few things done around the garden....finally.
Had to put a 'new' door on the shed before the snow flies,
which is just around the corner.

I had a door I had purchased a few years ago to use in the basement
but ended up not using it.
Funny thing is that it was almost the exact size needed for the shed.
Except for a small gap at the top and at the bottom
which wouldn't mean anything in the spring and summer,
these gaps have to be 'filled in' SOON!

I've tried a number of DIY adding wood strips,
buying weather stripping to stop the snow from getting in,
to finally deciding what I used a few years ago.....
a couple of bales of straw and place them in front of shed door.
We can't usually use the shed in winter anyway
due to it being snowed in in that part of the garden.
So straw it will be.

Next is to get the snow tires on the car.
That will be done very early tomorrow morning
at a car dealer we like to support.
And then we ought to be ready for whatever comes.

How about you? Even you Jean in New Zealand during your winter time,
what things do you have to consider when hunkering down for the winter?

Oh yes, I need to find one more thing.....winter boots!!
Been looking everywhere but nothing was wide enough (my feet are flat and wide lol)
and light enough. My old ones have bit the dust.....I loved them!
But want a pair that is lighter.
Oh these 'first world' problems!! Eh?

A very typical November sky here......dark and cloudy.


  1. Wow, look at that sunset. Winter readiness, well usually I pack away my summer clothes and get the merino ones ready, singlets, tops, fleece jackets, neck warmers and for Hugh long johns .Fleece long pants for me and moleskin for Hugh. This winter I was so lucky to find ski socks at Kathmandu at 50% off, up to my knees, and so warm. Oh yes, the gloves , hat and thicker coat I would wear these if outside early in the day.. In the garden we don't do much, the goldfish pond never freezes over entirely ( well it did the first year we arrived here in 2001, for a wee while) the firewood box is brought closes to the doorway, the kindling trolley, ( a large one) is kept full, and the boxes of chippy wood( cut smaller from thinner branches) are also kept full. The chip heater does all the hot water heating, a huge saving. Same car tyres all year round, Hugh usually checks the antifreeze . you can see I concentrate on CLOTHES more than the garden!!! p.s. Cold wind and air can precipitate angina so easily, a neck warmer over your mouth and lower face helps a lot, ( this is almost an essay)

    1. Hi Jean. We are leading up to the big chill gradually here by adding a layer every other day. Merino is the BEST and we have plenty at hand.....and foot!
      We are aware of what cold air and wind can precipitate. I like your 'essays' Jean. You know what to do and you do it or have it done. You must have been a girl guide!!

    2. The precipitation has been falling constantly your way lately!!! Never a girl guide, just practical, and was brought up on a farm, so maybe that way of living still is in my day to day life.

  2. We rarely get snow, so don't think about it until it happens!

    1. We always get some snow, Frances......just never know how much. I really don't mind it at all once we get all that is needed.

  3. The joy of apartment living is that I don't have to do diddly-squat to get ready for winter except turn up the thermostat. We don't have snow yet but apparently Calgary just got hit.

    1. LOL! Sounding better and more tempting by the day, Debra!
      Now just watch, it will snow in both places (Hfx and Edm) as soon as I post this!!

  4. check out NEOS New England Over Shoes I have a pair going on 25 years old and they easily fit over whatever shoe you are wearing.

    1. Marti, thanks so much for this lead! I just looked them up on and they a few different ones there. I really don't think I could purchase them in Halifax here. I would like to try them on first before ordering. A little tricky buying boots without trying them for fit. They do look perfect for here and I could wear my very comfortable shoes as well.

  5. Spectacular sky! I've got a great pair of lightweight, stylin' winter boots. They're in a cloth bag in the closet but, anyway, they're not flat and wide.

    1. Hey Mitchell, with climate change and all, you may just need them!! lol

  6. We're ready to go, Jim! But not raring to go :) I'd rather the snow and heavy cold didn't arrive yet. November has been a spectacular month so far. Quite mild, in fact.


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