Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pushing My Luck

Got a few things done around the garden....finally.
Had to put a 'new' door on the shed before the snow flies,
which is just around the corner.

I had a door I had purchased a few years ago to use in the basement
but ended up not using it.
Funny thing is that it was almost the exact size needed for the shed.
Except for a small gap at the top and at the bottom
which wouldn't mean anything in the spring and summer,
these gaps have to be 'filled in' SOON!

I've tried a number of DIY adding wood strips,
buying weather stripping to stop the snow from getting in,
to finally deciding what I used a few years ago.....
a couple of bales of straw and place them in front of shed door.
We can't usually use the shed in winter anyway
due to it being snowed in in that part of the garden.
So straw it will be.

Next is to get the snow tires on the car.
That will be done very early tomorrow morning
at a car dealer we like to support.
And then we ought to be ready for whatever comes.

How about you? Even you Jean in New Zealand during your winter time,
what things do you have to consider when hunkering down for the winter?

Oh yes, I need to find one more thing.....winter boots!!
Been looking everywhere but nothing was wide enough (my feet are flat and wide lol)
and light enough. My old ones have bit the dust.....I loved them!
But want a pair that is lighter.
Oh these 'first world' problems!! Eh?

A very typical November sky here......dark and cloudy.

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