Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Absorbing the colour while it lasts....

Ron and Sophie waiting patiently for me to leave the shop on Wednesday.

Mild temperature (15C) and fog equals bright colours.

Lake Banook colour....

Great tree at the park.....

Sophie calmly waiting while Ron 'adjusts his spine'........
she wants Mr. Orangie back!!

Sophie meeting up a 'dog-walkers pack',
they all must inspect her at first.
She passed with flying colours!

House to rent for the winter months.......

A 'nursing stump' at the park.....
going back from whence it came.

Having fun with camera yesterday at park.
Ron showed me how to create different images
by swirling the camera around while clicking.

Not for the motionly-challenged. lol

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