Friday, December 5, 2014

Young Love

There we 'three amigos' were....on the beach trail yesterday
minding our own business when friends of ours called out to us.

It was Corrine and Walter with a dog that we hadn't met.
They introduced us to 'Harley', a lab/labradoodle no less!

Harley is a year old fella and full of vim and vigour!
His mother was a yellow labrador retriever and his father was a labdrdoodle.....

Well, Sophie thought she died and went to heaven!
And pretty much Harley did as well.
Off they went doing their 'doodle dance' which it seems only doodles can do.

Sophie is 'in love'.
Oh, and quite exhausted too, as they ran, swam (in a pond), jumped,
danced for about an hour.

Young love.....sigh.

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