Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Tuning in for another week.....

This is the BEST sounding radio I have ever heard.
I got it last week from a friend's friend who was selling everything and moving out west.

Parking lot at beach.

Shop corner.

Since Ron is still building strength from his heart attack in March,
he does not always go as far as Sophie and I do at the park.
Hills can be very difficult for him....either up or down.
Takes time.

A view of MacDonald House from the front for a change.
My shop is on the third floor from the basement.

Cleo, one of the three 'resident' dogs at day care
 when we were picking up Sophie yesterday. I think Cleo wanted too come along too.

Very calm sea from 'my perch' last Sunday.

Now who couldn't use with a little more sunshine this time of year?!
OK Jean in New Zealand, you would be the exception here!!

From a series called 'Glamour Girls'.....a plate series that is.


  1. Jim,. I'll post a photo of our skies, grey, drizzle, cloud cover, there was sunshine at 1 p.m. we reached 30C, way too hot, then it all went NORTH ??? I'll send some over, but mainly grey lately. p.s. Thank you both so very much for the e-card, it has been in my heart all day. Hugs to all, Jean.

  2. I think the comment on the Glamour Girls plate is probably true. Cleo looks sad. She knew fun times would end when Sophie left.


  3. I love your images especially of the location of your shop. I didn't know Ron had a heart attack, I'm so sorry, I'll add him to my prayers, prayers are so powerful, and I hope he gets so much better, that it becomes a distant memory, with you both love and a wonderful Christmas

  4. It is good that Ron is getting out walking though-so many do nothing and it's important. I always enjoy your saturday images

  5. That fedora caught my eye in your shop photo. I wonder if they'll ever make a comeback? I like fedoras.

  6. Has been days... sunshine today - finally.
    It's a nice looking house.
    The saying sounds about right.
    Cleo has the Grumpy Cat look, ;-)

  7. Great shots, Jim, as always! I LOVE the photo of the radio. It looks so wonderfully retro. And that shot of Cleo is fantastic, although Cleo doesn't look too happy!

  8. Cute Cleo does look sad to see you leave without her.


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