Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eyes Wide Open

A few of the things Sophie and I found on our walk
 at Point Pleasant Park yesterday morning.

Seagull breakfast.....

Pebbles and glass along the shoreline at low tide....

Wendy, the English Bulldog, making her way up the hill....

And this crow standing guard on wall in front of the car.


  1. What lovely photos and days you have,what a thrill to be with Sophie and discover things you might miss and always, always have your camera nearby, these photos are truly enticing ...well done Jim

  2. What amazing finds on your walk...I love how you and Sophie find the beauty in every single day.

  3. lovely photos-it amazes me all the pretty glass mixed in with the pebbles that you find there-

  4. Love the photos, Jim! The bubbles are almost surreal in the first photo. You have such eyes wide open that you can find new beauty in familiar haunts again and again. Wendy cracked me up ~ She looks how I feel nearing the top of a big hill. Too funny! Have a good one, my friend!

  5. Wendy is a real sweetie!
    Love the pebbles and glass. Didn't happen to pick up the reddish agate (?), eh?

  6. Gorgeous stuff can be found on your beaches, that's for sure. But Wendy takes the cuteness prize.

  7. Cool finds, Jim! It's always fun to be out and about. And Wendy is so cute.


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