Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

First week in December....

This is just outside my shop. Amy, of Fancy Lucky Vintage fame, 
from whom I lease my shop space,
 combined my stuff with hers in the hallway between the shops.

This is a photo I have in the shop by W.R.Macaskill. 
It is of Grand-Pre, Nova Scotia which is a World Heritage UNESCO Site
and a National Historic Park as well.
This is the location where the British deported the Acadians in 1758,(click)
5000 to 7000 of them, to other locations along the eastern seaboard
of North America. Most ended up in Louisiana.

Very festive at the upstairs shops at MacDonald House.




Sophie with her 'masseuse', Laurie.

'Crossing the line'

Sophie's 'buds' saying good-bye yesterday at doggie-day-care.

Sedum behind a fence.

Bird Village at Country Critter Sitters...Sophie's day-care.

Our favourite trail down at the beach.

Full moon at dusk yesterday.

And in the opposite direct (west) the sunset.

The 'balancing act'.........

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