Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Still No Snow

The garden is ready for our first snowfall......any time now.....

'Word' has it from Canada's national weather service that the Maritimes
will have a wet (snowless) winter this year.

And of course as soon as I say this, we'll be waking up to two feet of snow!!

It has been a few years since we have had a 'mild', by Canadian standards, winter.

To be honest I just wish we will have winter with snow any day now.
I love those cold and crisp days with the sun shining.
Not these gray, overcast ones we've been having.

It just doesn't feel like winter until we have some snow around that lasts till April!!

We are prepared and ready for whatever nature decides to give us.

Still we wait......


  1. Good morning, your photos are just breath taking-we have had such grey cloudy days here too-very very little sun, but tonight we are to get snow-now sure how much-the first snow is always so pretty

  2. Beautiful photos and you will have snow, see weather predictors are mostly I trust my senses I go outside take a sniff and I know what kind of day it will be. today freezing rain, and they also said it but they just got lucky, you'll have your snow ;)

  3. We had a big dump of snow but now it's turned unseasonably mild and a lot of it has melted. Crazy.

  4. Hey, Jim, your garden looks restful and lovely any time of year. I don't remember that gorgeous iris ~ Is that made of stained glass? We had snow Sunday, but it's always goes fast because we have such intense sunlight. I find grey days very hard to take. We may get snow this afternoon ~ I hope it arrives after I get done with all my errands. I'm sitting in my car place, Speedy Roo, getting my oil changed and a couple of other things. Then it's such fun things as the grocery store and the bank. It's great to be retired and have some time to take care of these things. Have a great day, and may you have lots of sunshine and the white fluffy soon!

  5. i am waiting for mine too! december has been way to mild for me! bring on the snow!!!

  6. Your garden looks lovely in its waiting mode. I like that rusted teakettle.

  7. Love your stepping stone pattern. I don't especially want snow, but the damp, gray days ARE getting old. Again.


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