Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Somewhat Random Moment At The Lights

Sophie and I were walking around the block in Halifax last week

killing some time while Ron was at an appointment.

When I looked across the street at a bunch of 'daycare' kids I noticed someone.

Ron was waiting for the lights to change.

Sophie saw him too and she would have darted across the street

if she hadn't been on a leash.

It was like an August day in Nova Scotia with the temperature at 30 C (about 86 F).

The odd thing about this was that the trees didn't have a single leaf on them!

I was glad Ron waited for the light and didn't 'jaywalk' at this point! lol

It was still the middle of March!

When was that light going to change?

Ah! Finally! The 3 Amigos reunited! 

If Ron doesn't get run over that is!

Sophie was beyond herself!

and yes I was glad to see him too!

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