Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eclectic Tastes

There was a live local radio show on every Saturday afternoon for kids here in Halifax. I remember very clearly my sister, Jo-Ann, and I hopping on a bus one Saturday morning and heading to that station at the other end of town.

It was called the Uncle Mel Show and featured kids either singing or playing a musical instrument.

We chose to sing. I forget what Jo-Ann sang but I sang the following song. I was very nervous but thrilled at the same time. I was seven years old and in grade two. That Monday morning I HAD to sing the song for my class!!! Talk about NERVOUS!!! I survived I guess.

Oh yes, for 'payment' each kid got a small bottle of Swartz's Peanut Butter. We ate ours on the bus   on the way home! lol

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