Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bill Board....GIVEAWAY

           A local Rock radio station which LOVES to 'turn heads'.

Now that I have your attention!

 I do realize that billboards can smother a location to death, not to mention

destroy the look on an area, but there is a strip of these 'boards' at the approaches to one of the bridges in Halifax

 and I couldn't resist 'capturing' them the other day as we were whipping past.

In a way I suppose these could tell a little bit about a community.

I don't suspect we are much different from any other North American city.

           My niece Brynn is the newscaster at this station and the lady above is my brother-in-law's cousin.

Some of these ads are very 'local' in nature while the majority are 'national' ones.

Now if one was clever enough, one could 'string' all these billboards together

and make up a limerick/verse/paragraph that would be hilarious!

And since I do not fit into this category whatsoever, I thought it would be fun

to throw it out to you guys!!

I know some of you would fit quite nicely. Even if you don't think you are good with words,

give it a try! See what you can come up with by looking at these billboards and being creative!

Have fun!

 Oh yes, a WINNER will be picked at random from everyone who enters a verse or whatever using the billboards above as your source.

And the prize will be a few things that are indigenous to and made in Nova Scotia!  Here is a photo of the 'booty' that could be yours!
l to r: Cheticamp hand-hooked hanging, Nova Scotia Tartan trivet, pewter sand-dollar and  Mayflower (NS provincial flower) notes.

Only a couple of 'rules' (can't help it, I was a teacher for too long lol!) :
1. You have to be a follower of 'Ocean Breezes' when you post your entry
2. You MUST use some of the content from at least 7 of the billboards.
3. Your 'entry' must be posted on this post only.
4. You can enter more than once if you wish.

This give-away closes Saturday, April 21, 2012 at midnight ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time). It is open to everyone no matter where you live. 

You must be 19 years of age or older and with no prior criminal convictions.....kidding! 

Take your time and see what you can come up with.


  1. Smell testosterone in my sandals
    Listening to Hal Classic FM.
    Eating dessert on the Titanic
    Is a spicey little number from Baton Rouge.
    Dine with a dragon
    Or with a naughty librarian
    But make sure you switch on to FX101.9

    Halifax – where country meets city!

    1. Good one John!Very creative! You could leave your sandals at the door! lol

  2. Great post, Jim! Your images are really nice, and some of those billboards are quite creative. You had me at the first poster...LOL! I'm not sure if I can come up with something interesting, but your contest runs for awhile, so we'll see until then.

    1. Thanks Martha!
      Who said it had to be interesting....give it a try. It's a random draw don't forget.

  3. Thanks for giving me some time to work on this project. I'll need a few glasses of Merlot in me to get my creative juices flowing. And this is quite a challenge. But, I do love some good "booty"!

    1. Just what you need.....MORE STUFF!! lol

  4. Coffee did the trick. Here's my story. Enjoy!

    Once, while traveling through Halifax, you know, Where Country Meets City, I hooked up with this Naughty Librarian. To say she was a Spicy Little Number would be an understatement. I asked her to the theater and perhaps grab a McBistro on the way. And she said “Honey, I don’t do McDonalds. Apparently, you’ve never Dined With A Dragon before”.
    This Girl was pure style. I could tell by the way she carried herself and the Classic Rock she wore on her finger. I grabbed a few hundred from the ATM and then we Beat The Bank! Even before we made it to the restaurant, she put her hand on my thigh, leaned in and whispered, “I Eat Dessert First”! That’s when I knew that this chick was All Light, All Fast!
    Before you knew it, I was making her breakfast this morning. Wearing my dress shirt and nothing else, she comes slinking up behind me, licks my neck and says, “Mmmm, I Love The Smell of Testosterone in the morning”. Let me tell ya, I could have Stayed In Bed All Day.
    I asked her to move into my Studio with me. She looks me straight in the eye and says, “No, Honey, Baby Needs Her OWN Room”. Then she got dressed and left. I should have known that this was a Fated Voyage.
    So take it from me, if you don’t want your heart broken, stay away from naughty librarians. And that’s Advice That You Can Bank On.


    1. Was waiting for this one! Good imagination Mark!

  5. Lol, Fantastic Mark (above) !! I will be checking back on all the submissions over the next few days (weeks :)

  6. (Shaking head) No way I could beat Mark's entry! Not even on a good day!

    As a rule, I hate billboards, but was surprised at the bank rates, maybe we should bank in N.S.! :-)

    1. Sharon! Ms.Writer herself! I KNOW you will be working on this! Remember it's not a competition.

  7. "Life Is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First," whispered the Spicy Little Number behind me, as I waited for my McBistro Chicken Sandwich. Now That's Advice You Can Bank On I thought and turned around. I'd actually planned to Stay In Bed All Day, Listening To Halifax's Only Classic Rock 89.9, but my roommate had just stumbled in from another Night Of All Light, All Fast (if you get my drift) - and although I Love The Smell Of Testosterone In The Morning, I knew it was time I left this Titanic before it went down. This was the final straw and Baby Wants Her Own Room and place - even if I have to Break The Bank and Live Where Country & City Meet. Maybe The Naughty Librarian behind me had some ideas - it had been a rough morning for me and I just hoped she didn't mind Dining With A Dragon!

    1. Great job Jane!! You people with the good imaginations! No time for THAT roommate! lol

  8. I love the smell of testosterone in the morning too!!!!
    ermmmmm huh!

    1. I had an idea you did John! Now where's your 'story' Mr.English Major?!

  9. Denyse rolled over in bed. "I love the smell of testosterone in the morning" she said, as she lit her pipe.

    "It's all right for you", grumbled Hal.
    "You can stay in bed all morning you lazy bitch!" "I've gotta go to work!"

    Tripping over one of her stray strappy sandals she had carelessly left in the middle of the floor, Hal cursed and carreened out of the french windows, falling headlong into the immaculate Japanese zen garden he and his wife slaved over every weekend and hitting his forehead on a rock. He could hear Denyse gaffaw from the bedroom, "Classic!"

    "For fucks sake", he screamed, blood trickling down his forehead, "I don't need this shit in the morning, I've gotta get to work at the building society". Hal always liked to get in early to work and open up the doors on time. He liked to beat the bank if he could.

    Denyse sniggered at the blood staining the front Hals clean, pressed shirt and exhaled another thick white plume of toxic pipe smoke.
    "That's fate that is, you banging your head. If you didn't rush around every morning trying to get to that stupid place, you've be more relaxed like me. You're like the captain of the Titanic, always in a rush, and look at what happened to him!"

    Hals face went pale. Thinking he looked a little pathetic in his blood stained shirt with sweat stained armpits, Denyse reached over to the bedside cabinet, pipe clenched hard in her teeth.
    "Here", she mumbled, "at least eat something before you leave the house. Eat this dessert first".
    She handed Hal the half eaten dessert dish from the night before. The bowl contained a fetid combination of tiramisu, some spilled red wine and a sprinkling of Old Holborn pipe tobacco.
    "Christ, this looks like the dirt strip where country and city meet", moaned Hal. He ate it greedily.

    As he licked the last dregs from the bottom of the bowl, Hal glanced over at his wife. She was laying on the bed seductively in her silk chemise, puffing on her old pipe in long slow draws.
    "You're a spicy little number, Denyse" he said, forgetting about beating the bank momentarily. Hal was always easily distracted by his wife. She knew how to push his buttons. Knew what he liked. Hal liked to listen to her gut.

    Raising her silky nightwear over her beer belly, Denyse beckoned Hal over to the bed. "I haven't eaten for a while", she teased, winking at him through the smoke. Hal dropped the bowl and pounced onto the mattress, eager to listen to his wife's rumbling belly.

    He let out a groan, "Oooooo", as his wife's gut made its sexy noises.
    What had she eaten last? Hal remembered that they had eaten out at that new Chinese restaurant downtown, the 'Dragon II', and the food had been great, but expensive. He enjoyed it, knowing the spicy food would have the desired impact on his wife's gut.

    "Denyse giggled as Hal's bloody head stuck to her skin. She saw that his eyes were wide as saucers, crazy with desire. "Ahhh. Say you're a naughty librarian, go on, say it. You know I love you to say that stuff." Hal was also a pervert.

    Afterwards, exhausted but satiated, Hal took a clean shirt from the closet, he thought about the building society, about the bank, about his life. "We're offering 3.5% today", he said triumphantly, the fucking bank's only offering 4.0%. They're more chicken than a chicken sandwich", he laughed.

    Suddenly Denyse lurched forward on the bed, clutching the cold, lifeless pipe in her white panicked fist. She thrust it forward to her startled husband. "My PIPE", she screamed, "it's gone out. For fuck's sake light it, FAST!"

    Hal calmly lit a match. He loved his fat, pipe addicted wife very much.

    1. We are still wiping the tears!!! That was so funny Chris! I KNEW you had it in ya kid! I certainly won't read anything into this, you know I won't right?
      That was fun, thanks!

  10. Oh my, I love your entries! I will give this a try.

  11. As I sat in the McBistro, I glanced over and saw the Naughty Librarian. A city girl by heart, she was a Spicy Little Number. I thought "If I were with her, I would Stay in Bed All Day." Not paying attention, I started to eat dessert first. Could it work where Country and City Meet? Nah....it would be like Dining With a Dragon everyday!

  12. This is a fun post! Here is my entry - I am writing as a man.

    I was hungry and had stopped at a fast food joint to pick up my favourite McBistro Sandwich. As I ordered, some guy in the queue said, "eat to many of those and you will turn into a fat bastard," which is advice you can bank on.

    I decided to ignore the fact that my gut was already hanging over my trousers, and stuffed the spicey little number down my neck so fast, that I nearly puked. It was not long after that, I began to feel a bit queasy. Serves me right really, so I went home with the intention to stay in bed all day.

    But my relief I recovered quite quickly and having nothing to do, began to feel a bit frisky. So I thought, 'why not keep myself entertained with a quick 'beat the bank' (rhyming slang for wank), after all, I love the smell of testosterone in the morning. So I sat on the porch in the sunshine, and becauase, unfortunately I am rather excitable, it was all light and all fast. Did the job though.

    So, the day panned out alright after all!

  13. LOL!!! plus LOL!! You didn't let me down, Annie! I am sure (and I don't know for sure!) there is a 'market' for this in case you are desperate sometime!
    Thanks for participating.

    1. You gotta be innit to winnit! I have my sights set on the booty!! ;-)

  14. Ok,I am going to go for this one evening over a bottle of wine...I should be the winner then!!!

  15. Ok,I couldn't concentrate on anything else so here goes....Take note,I havent had a single drop of alcohol yet as it is twelve in the morning!
    Somewhere near Halifax,where country meets city
    There lived a spicy little number,who loved the smell of testosterone in the morning.
    She did not like sitting on her purse,and seeing as the banks were only offering 3.5-4.0%..
    She decided to break the bank by staying in bed all day!
    When the Naughty Librarian came by for a classic rock,she decided it was all too much like Dining with a Dragon and that she wanted her own room.
    Life is,after all,way too short and one should always try to eat desert first unless you are having a McBristo Chicken Sandwhich off course...
    So she booked herself a passage on the Titanic but then the ship ran into an iceberg and she had to alight all too fast!

    1. What an imagination on the girl! Good one Liesl! Thanks for taking the time.

  16. Great!!We don´t have that in Sweden...what happen when all reads it and can´t look at the road..:-)

    1. Hello Lindsjo! You make a good point! We can't talk on phone while driving here in Nova Scotia but we can read billboards! No sense at all!!

  17. Here's my entry Jim...

    'I Love Halifax'

    I love Halifax, and I'm here to stay
    I love it so much, I stay in bed all day.
    I love the naughty librarian, she is the best
    I love Classic Rock, Today's Country, 101.9 and all the rest.
    I love the smell of testosterone in many of Halifax's locations.
    I love it so much, I'd take the Titanic on vacation.

    I love the pace of Halifax, all light and all fast
    I love to have desert first and make it last
    I love to dine with a dragon in my padded cell.
    There's nothing else I love so well.
    Our dinner is a spicy little number from Baton Rouge,
    Together we wash it down with just a little booze.

    I love Halifax and I'll say it a-gain.
    I love RBC Banks, even though they're bird-brains!
    I even love the men who've come to visit today
    In lovely white coats to take me away....

  18. Hey Kim! Thanks for your entry! And who would have known that we had a 'poet' in our midst!!!
    And I now make you an honourary Haligonian because of your love for this place!

    1. This was a fun challenge Jim! I owe my poem writing ability (???) to years of reading Dr. Seuss! :-))

  19. Okay, Jim, I decided to give this a shot, so here goes:

    I knew I was on a FATED VOYAGE when I gobbled down that NEW McBISTRO CHICKEN SANDWICH. The gurgling in my stomach was a sure sign that I would STAY IN BED ALL DAY if I didn't get some remedy into my system. ASAP. So I raced out of the house and headed over to the pharmacy located just outside the city limits, right where COUNTRY AND CITY MEET. The place seemed deserted, so I rang for service. The pharmacist emerged from the back somewhat disoriented, his clothes in disarray. I suspect he'd been fooling around with THE NAUGHTY LIBRARIAN. Rumour has it that she's a SPICY LITTLE NUMBER. He sent me home with Pepto Bismol and told me to avoid fast food joints. "You DINE WITH A DRAGON when you eat there", he said to me, “So stay away from there.” And that's ADVICE YOU CAN BANK ON!

    1. Hey Martha! Good job! Thanks for entering! Last two lines are priceless! lol

  20. Fun post and great idea. I will enjoy reading other much more clever copywriters' ideas! (Besides, I wouldn't want you to have to pay for postage to Spain!)

    1. Now Mitchell, don't let 'postage' stop that creative flow that goes on in that head of yours! Let is flow......

    2. Wish blogger had edit!....'Let it flow.....'

  21. Lots of cool entries!

    Once upon a time, when I was light and fast - that was before I started eating desserts first and then after the main course... I fell in love with a beautiful girl I met on a ship.

    The ship met an iceberg and the iceberg won. I eventually ended up a soggy mess in a strange country where city met country and took it over with burgers, bad banks and lots of rock music.

    It was then I decided to spend my days in bed - contemplating my navel - and wondering if I should give that naughty librarian a ring...

    1. This is great Fiona! 'And the iceberg won' ....love that!

  22. LOL some of the entries :O). Chris's ROFL ROFL, why am I not surprised LOL.

  23. Tings To Do On A Saturdee Night In Halifax.

    Can you tell, That I lerve to smell,

    Testosterone in the morning..?

    Or did you forget, That I am a lezbette,

    No penis for me, heed the warning.

    But life is uncertain, For a naughty Librarian,

    And dessert must come first, I declare..

    Stay in bed all day,

    Where you're able to play,

    With a spicy lil number, whipped cream and cucumber...

    How kinky you are, I do swear.

    You can go on vacation to northeast of the nation,

    Where country and city do meet..

    Or dine with a dragon, being pulled in a wagon,

    Eating a bistro whilst tickling his feet.

    It's nearly the end of a fun night, my friend,

    There's just one more thing you must see,

    Walk on the beach and set your mind free,

    This is advice on which you can bank...

    For some where out yonder, you may just ponder,

    This is where the titanic sank.


    1. Thanks Chris! I KNEW you could do it!! Good job, girl! You da woman! OK...that all! I try.....

  24. Omg!!! I love it!!! I can't believe you wrote this in like 15 minutes!!!! I hope you win!!! Love you toone!!! xxxx

    1. OMG! Sisters!! Welcome and don't be shy! Chris ISN'T!!


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