Friday, March 2, 2012

The Beggar

I remember the day, years ago in Vancouver, B.C., when I followed a 'street person' around for a couple of hours........from a distance.

I was taking a course at UBC on photography. This particular week's assignment was 'people'.

From the start, he saw me and appeared not to care I was taking pictures of him. We nodded to each other.

              I have the photos stored away somewhere but they aren't what is important here.

I was reminded of this a couple days ago as I was entering a deli to pick up two biscotti for our coffees. As I was entering I looked to my right and noticed a man sitting on the sidewalk, looking up at me.

                                He was probably younger than I but looked years older.

He wanted some money. I went over to him as I was digging into my pockets. I didn't have any change.

                                         I told him I'd see him on the way out. And I did.

Whenever I see people begging for money I always give them something. Always have.

I can't imagine being in their shoes. Makes me wonder how they got there....what their story is.

I really don't care what they do with the money I give them. If it makes their day a little more bearable, then so be it.

                                     Sometimes it is a very thin line that divides us all.

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