Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wrecking Ball

Drove by (actually stopped) my old high school in Halifax yesterday.
It is being demolished and the site getting ready for a business and residential development.

I attended St.Pat's High for grades 10 and 11.....
that would be back....let me see September 1963 till June 1965.

It was a Roman Catholic high school 
which was part of the public school system at the time.
The boys were on one side of the building and the girls on the other.
The girls were taught by the Sisters of Charity and the boys by male lay teachers.

The girls were in uniforms and the boys in shirts and jeans.
I remember during the first week I got lost and couldn't find my classroom.
I ended up in the girls side of the school!!
This set a few nuns into into a tizzy!

Things were different back then.....some good, some not so good.

For my final year in school, grade 12, I attended
a private Roman Catholic school in Dartmouth
as my family moved to that city which is across the harbour from Halifax.

Here, the classes were co-ed and much different from the previous two years
in a good way.


  1. This kind of thing happens every where it seems. My Grade schools were demolished in the 70's. Still have fond memories of them for sure!

    1. Yes, we can always keep our good memories close.

  2. Your collage is well done, Jim! A Little poignant, but it seems the longer we're here the more poignancy we experience. Have a happy Wednesday!

    1. Imagine, Louise, how much change my dad has seen over his 99 years!!
      A happy Wednesday to you and Terry.

  3. Replies
    1. Actually Kathy, not at all. Those two years were not pleasant ones for me.
      But the new school for grade 12 was lots of fun.

  4. Was it sad to see your old school demolished? Or was it more like "Yay! Burn, baby, burn!" so to speak?

    1. To be honest, Debra, I really didn't care one bit. Those were different times when teachers and administrators got away with a lot of bullying, corporal punishment and just plain meanness. Yes, there were exceptions...but not many.
      Time to leave that past in the past.

  5. I read what you wrote about not caring about the school. I don't think I'd care if any of the public schools I attended were demolished. I'd care about my university. A couple of years after my daughter finished elementary school, the building was razed and a new one erected. It's a miracle I hadn't already set it on fire. Horrible, horrible school. Evil principal. A few nice teachers, but most just plain nasty. At one point I took my daughter out of school and kept her at home. It was that bad. Children shouldn't be treated so shabbily. Bullies shouldn't be encouraged by teachers.


    1. I hear you, Janie. Not only student bullies but teachers as well! It was unbelievable what they got away with back then.
      I was a teacher for 30 years. I thought I could change a few things to make it better for kids. I was not expecting the WALLS and bullies that stopped any change every step of the way.

  6. Bittersweet emotions for you I guess Jim! What... the boys only wore shirts and ties, no jeans. I knew that you Canadians were kinky but this takes the biscuit!

    1. LOL! OOPPS!! Now THAT would have threw me back then, Craig!! lol

  7. All my schools are still standing. But then I'm SO SO SO much younger. ;)


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