Friday, December 4, 2015

Sitting On The Fence

'Sitting on the fence' expression used for those of us who can't
quite make up their minds about an issue that arises.

I learned early on in life, courtesy of my father,
that taking a stand on something was the right thing to do.
Only problem was that my father and I 
were always on opposite sides of the fence!!
We mostly agreed to disagree and things went well.

But I did learn that taking a stance and voicing it was alright to do.

This of course leads me to a big issue of the present day.....
that of 'gun control' in the USA.

The US is the only country in the western world
 that doesn't have strict gun-control.
And look at the result of this.....351 mass shootings this year alone.

Why hasn't there been something done about this?
Well, because the National Rifle Association (NRA)
has financial control of the GOP (Grand Old Party)
otherwise known as the Republican Party.

It is in the NRA's best interests to prevent any strict gun-control
laws to be that would cut into their profits and power.

So many here in North America say we must pray for the victims
and their families.
To me, this doesn't do anything!
This is 'man-made' not 'god-made'.
Only humans can stop the insanity that is happening in the US.

Guess you know where I stand on this issue.

I do not like 'sitting on the fence' for any length of time.


  1. Well said Jim . I could not agree more . No fence sitting for me .

    1. Thanks Joanne. I think it couldn't be a better to get things changed because a lot of people are fed up. Heck, if Canadians are upset, I can only imagine how your fellow Americans are feeling.

  2. You are absolutely right. The NRA controls our government. Some people need to have guns. I accept that. But why didn't anyone question all the guns and ammo purchased by the shooters in San Bernardino? The guns were legally purchased, so I've read, but I still don't understand the lack of recognition that those guns would be put to a terrible use. How come other countries can have stricter controls on guns and low murder rates, but we can't do that in the U.S.? Everyone kowtows to the NRA. Well, I fucking don't.

    Janie (please pardon my language; I am sick of this shit)

    1. Hey Janie, no need for apologies here. Maybe if more people swore and cursed to their government reps things would change.
      The whole world is watching and would support any effort made by someone, ANYONE, with the balls to get gun control started.

  3. I agree, Jim. Some regulations could make a huge difference. I'm on your side of the fence.

    1. I agree, Martha. They have to start somewhere.
      Thanks for the company.

  4. Very simply put! I'm sitting on your side of the fence. ;-)

    1. Thanks Mark. Always good to have company.

  5. Thank you for not sitting on the fence. The NRA has done so much damage in the US and wields so much power that the only hope for gun control in the country is for the NRA to be shut down.

  6. Some of us do take stands on issues that are far from popular, some of them being the ruthlessness of the Republican Party, the thievery of Corporate America, and the destruction of the Earth as we know it. People may get angry about my opinions, but I don't care. Sitting on the fence is for pigeons.

    Christian Renwick @ Altitude Fence And Deck


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